Gerontology is set today as one of the priority areas and are attracting increasing interest in different disciplines. That is why a broad and specific training for all professionals involved in the field of aging has become a major demand. Especially when configured Gerontology today as one of the main sources of employment, nationally and internationally.

Gerontology is the study of the aging processes and individuals as they go through from childhood to the later stages. It covers from the study of the physical, social and mental changes in the elderly to the investigation of the changes in society resulting from the increasing aging population.

Older people are very different from each other. As you get older the needs, resources and capabilities vary. The field of aging is very different and offers many employment opportunities. The trend of an aging society causes a demand for professionals with expertise in aging.

Finally, note the high demand continues to enjoy training in gerontology.

This Master will allow not only specialize in gerontology, but also provide an important way of acting in Gerontology, allowing its contents, methodologies and tools to cover the professional form the great demand in formation of Gerontology.

Duration, credit structure and degree

The estimated time for completion of Masters in Gerontology duration is 24 months.

Regarding the distribution of the time it is established that: - As a program remotely and not subject to classes, not a specific start date set, so that students can enroll at any time, provided there is places available.

  • By academic or educational reasons has a minimum duration of 6 months program.
  • The maximum time available for the program is 24 months. In this time period, the student must have submitted all relevant evaluations of the program.


The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an economic game with extraordinary FUNIBER Scholarship in Education.

To apply, simply submit your request to grant the required data portal home page, and the Evaluation Committee will consider the suitability of a candidate for the award of financial assistance in the form FUNIBER Training Scholarship.

Program taught in:
  • English

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