Master of Science in Nursing


Program Description

You are not required to submit a TOEFL exam result in order to apply and be admitted into the University.


Increasingly, nurses looking to advance into leadership or upper-level educational positions in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are being required to have a master’s online degree in nursing.

CalSouthern’s Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) online degree is the ideal program for a nurse who wants to advance in their practice, but whose busy schedule requires the flexibility of an online program. At CalSouthern, you can work toward your master’s degree in nursing on your own schedule, without compromising your professional or personal lives.

CalSouthern’s MSN is unique among master’s degrees in nursing in that it is a multi-disciplinary program. You’ll take advanced courses in topics ranging from population health to pathopharmacology, health assessment, and evidence-based practice, among others. However, you can also choose to incorporate courses from CalSouthern’s Schools of Business to add specialized expertise in areas such as strategic management, healthcare informatics or management of change.

It’s an innovative master’s degree in nursing that will help you set yourself apart in a competitive job market by tailoring your education to a specialty of particular interest. Elective courses allow you to concentrate your studies in such in-demand fields as nursing executive leadership, healthcare administration, nurse education, and nursing education.

Program Goals

Identify and synthesize the roles of nurse educator or nurse executive while meeting personal and professional goals during the course of study and performance in a capstone project.

Analyze and apply various nursing theories, scientific knowledge from various fields, research, critical thinking, and the currents trends in medical care and nursing that may be utilized by a Masters prepared nurse to improve and enhance care in a variety of settings.

Support technology and various methods of communication to enhance learning and interaction with patients, families, organizations, other nurses and the community to improve health outcomes.

Promote leadership, critical thinking, decision making and the principles of cultural competence and culturally appropriate family-centered care for clients and families.

Practice health promotion across systems to provide effective interaction, teamwork and enhanced quality and safety in various healthcare settings and programs

Engage faculty in learner-centered teaching through an innovative and evolving curriculum and technology and opportunity for development or research.

Analyze and apply principles of ethics, economics, epidemiology, and health promotion to various settings for various types of clients.

Utilize data and assessment to improve and enhance learning and curriculum throughout the Master’s degree program.


The CalSouthern School of Nursing has designed the Master of Science in Nursing program to produce the following outcomes:

Written Communication

Demonstrate the ability to utilize advanced written skills to demonstrate the ability to analyze and solve problems resulting in the improved care and better understanding when working with the patients, family and the interdisciplinary health care team.

Oral Communication

Exhibit competence in providing appropriate oral communication skills to successfully interact with patients, families and the healthcare team in order to provide quality patient-centered care.

Critical Thinking

Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills based on theoretical and evidence-based information for clinical decision making in nursing practice, education and administration.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Recognize the importance of social, environmental and cultural diversity to develop a perspective based on the advanced analysis of diverse factors that influence personal, familial and global health care.

Information Literacy

Analyze the nature and extent of the information required and methods to acquire and utilize such information to support research and evidence-based nursing practices when managing care across the healthcare continuum.

Personal Development

Integrate formal academic learning with personal experiences to promote professional growth, theoretical and evidence-based care and lifelong learning in professional nursing practice.

Quantitative Reasoning

Demonstrate the ability to use analytical skills to understand and evaluate systems during more advanced practice as a foundation for evidence-based healthcare.

Scientific Reasoning

Demonstrate a system of inquiry that is dependent on empirical evidence to evaluate qualitative and quantitative research as a foundation for evidence-based nursing practices.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Apply ethical, legal and personal principles and accountability for actions that promotes advocacy, collaboration, and leadership as a masters prepared nurse


Required Core Courses
  • NUR 86500 Theoretical Foundations and Current Trends in Advanced Nursing Practice - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86502 Advanced Pathopharmacology - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86504 Advanced Health Assessment - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86506 Population Health and Health Promotion across Cultures - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86508 Ethics, Policy, and Finance in the Healthcare System - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86510 Research and Analytic Approaches to Advanced Evidence-Based Practice - 3 Credits
  • CAP 89002A Nursing Capstone Project I - 2 Credits
  • CAP 89002B Nursing Capstone Project II - 1 Credits
Elective Courses - choose 15 credits
Nurse Executive Leader Electives
  • NUR 86520 Advanced Nursing Leadership - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86525 Management of Issues in Healthcare - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86530 Healthcare Policy - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86535 Healthcare Finance and Financial Management - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86536 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare - 3 Credits
  • MGT 86507 Strategic Management - 3 Credits
  • MGT 86535 Management of Change - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86810 Healthcare Informatics - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86806 Managing Epidemiology - 3 Credits
Healthcare Administration Electives
  • HCA 86800 Healthcare Administration - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86802 Healthcare Compliance, Law, and Ethics - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86804 Healthcare Economics - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86806 Managing Epidemiology - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86810 Healthcare Informatics - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86812 Quality Control in Healthcare - 3 Credits
  • HCA 86814 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare - 3 Credits
Nurse Educator Electives
  • NUR 86540 Roles and Responsibilities of the Nursing Educator - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86542 Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86544 Foundations of Nursing Education - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86546 Integrating Technology into Nursing Education - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86548 Curriculum Theory, Framework, and Design in Nursing Education - 3 Credits
  • NUR 86550 Evaluation Strategies and Methods for Nursing Education - 3 Credits

Getting Started

Getting started on your Master of Science in Nursing is a quick and simple process. There are no entrance examinations and courses start monthly throughout the year; you can begin your program as soon as your schedule permits. Just complete these five steps:

  • Complete Your Enrollment Application
  • Submit the Official Academic Transcripts of Your Conferred Undergraduate Nursing Degree
  • Write and Submit a Personal Statement
  • Pay Your $75 Application Fee
  • Upon Acceptance, Sign Your Enrollment Agreement

Once the signed enrollment agreement is received, you’ll be contacted by your academic support team including your academic advisor and student success advisor. They will confirm the start date for your first course and walk you through a quick, but thorough orientation process that will give you all the information you need to get started. And they will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that you successfully complete your degree program.

Last updated Jun 2020

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