Master of Health Science

The University of Newcastle, GradSchool (Online)

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Master of Health Science

The University of Newcastle, GradSchool (Online)

Are you a health professional who is looking to specialise your career in health science? If so, the Master of Health Science offered by the University of Newcastle, aims to provide you with a comprehensive and superior education.

You will have the opportunity to focus your study around one of the three core disciplines:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Primary Health Care
  • Stroke Management

This program will provide you with an in-depth learning experience in your chosen field, presenting you with employment opportunities across a range of public health disciplines including primary health care, assessment and counselling of alcohol and other drug problems and working with people diagnosed with stroke. Further to this you may choose to take on more senior roles within clinical leadership, health advocacy, research studies and/or health planning and promotion.

You have the flexibility to study full-time or part-time to suit your needs as well as a whole program or just a single course. By studying a single course this can enable you to meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements and gain up-to-date information and skills related to your profession. The Master of Health Science is also offered completely online allowing you to study when and where it suits you.

Is it for you?

The University of Newcastle has designed the Master of Health Science to offer a specialised education in Alcohol and Other Drugs, Primary Health Care and Stroke Management.

If you have a bachelor degree in an approved health related discipline and are looking to move into research or influence the development of clinical programs, the Master of Health Science has specialisations that enable you to fine tune your studies to suit your career goals.

Offered online, this advanced program will develop your professional skills, theoretical knowledge and your ability to critically appraise the evidence. This will mean you are better placed to apply and evidence-based approach, develop innovative health initiatives, champion effective health programs a and advance your career in your area of expertise.

Career Pathways

The University of Newcastle’s Master of Health Science offers an extended educational grounding, preparing you with a broad knowledge base in one of the three specialisations offered by this program. All these specialisations will prepare you to critically appraise research literature and apply evidence-based findings in the workplace.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs specialisation will prepare you to apply evidence-based findings in the workplace and an appreciation of preventative approaches related to alcohol and other drug use, including epidemiology, clinical consequences of use and dependence, explanatory models, history and social context and pharmacology.

The Primary Health Care and Stroke Management specialisations promote the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes so that you can function as an expert clinician within these specialist inter-professional services and health care teams.

Educational opportunities in specialist areas have increased demand for skilled and qualified practitioners. As a graduate, you can look forward to pursuing a career in areas across a range of health disciplines and developing and evaluating evidence-based health initiatives that improve outcomes in individuals, communities and populations. You may also choose to take on leadership roles within advocacy, research studies or health planning and promotion.


The University of Newcastle has designed the Master of Heath Science to offer you three distinct career paths in Alcohol and Other Drugs , Primary Health Care or Stroke Management.

Structured to offer you an advanced education in your chosen specialisation, you will study specialisation- specific compulsory courses as well as elective courses which you can chose from a prescribed or directed list. This enables you to personalise your study program.

Alcohol and Other Drugs specialisation

This specialisation will prepare you with knowledge across multiple drug and alcohol related disciplines including epidemiology, clinical consequences of drug use and dependence, explanatory models, pharmacology and a range of research and evidence based literature. Outside of the core coursework you will focus on establishing clinical context for drug and alcohol problems, along with understanding what motivates changes in health behaviour. This specialisation requires you to undertake 100 hours of practical experience.

Primary Health Care specialisation

Not only will you develop your knowledge and skills in the delivery of primary health care, you will learn how to develop the right attitude to work as an expert clinician. This specialisation will encourage you to focus on how to deliver best-possible patient outcomes through the application of evidence-based research and knowledge transfer. You will study courses including epidemiology, motivating health behaviour change, primary health care and contemporary issues in chronic disease management.

Stroke Management specialisation

In recent years the prevalence of stroke has been increasing due to an aging population. It is one of Australia's biggest killers and a leading cause of disability, with 1 in 6 people experiencing a stroke in their lifetime. Health professionals with the knowledge and skills in stroke management are needed now more than ever. The Stroke Management specialisation will provide you with strong foundational knowledge in stroke management, knowledge transfer and rehabilitation. You will focus on how to deliver best-possible patient outcomes through the application of evidence-based research and knowledge transfer. Having completed this program, you’ll be able to develop, evaluate and research health initiatives that aim to improve health outcomes in people at risk of stroke or diagnosed with stroke.

All three specialisations give you the opportunity to choose from wide range of courses including research and statistics, public health, management of chronic diseases, family studies, occupational health and safety, and courses from the other two specialisations in the Health Science program.

Admission Requirements

Minimum of a four year undergraduate degree in a field related to public health such as medicine, biomedical/medical science, nursing, allied health, psychology or education. Applicants with a three year undergraduate degree should possess an Honours degree or additional postgraduate qualifications such as a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma; or a minimum of one year’s work experience in a related field

Minimum English Language Proficiency Requirements

Applicants who do not speak English as a first language must demonstrate that they meet the University's English proficiency requirement. Further information regarding English language proficiency requirements can be found at the English Language Proficiency for Admission Policy at

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