Master in Nursing


Program Description

Master in Nursing

The Master Course in Nursing is regulated by Order No. 8487/2017, of September 27.

General objectives defined for the cycle of studies:

  • To qualify nurses for the nursing practice in the area of Management of Care Units and for the area of Clinical Supervision;
  • Understand the methodological complexity of the various research processes and the critical reading of the research produced;
  • Acquire advanced methodological tools to support the treatment and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data;
  • To construct an informed, critical and creative vision of the process of disciplinary and professional development of the nursing sciences;
  • To create an interface with clinical research in nursing and with conceptual research for disciplinary and professional construction;
  • Reflect critically on the policies, design and organization of health systems and services;
  • Understand the training process in clinical teaching, supervision of peers and students in initial training.


Beginning of the course: September 2019

Duration: 3 semesters

Number of Vacancies:

  • Area of specialization in Management - 15 vacancies
  • Area of specialization in Clinical Supervision - 15 vacancies


  • Application - 50 €
  • Registration - 150 €
  • Annual Academic Fee (annual tuition) - € 1,063.47

Application phases

Disclosure of Results

Registration / Registration

Beginning of the course

1/3/2019 to 12/4/2019


5/13/2019 to 5/17/2019


4/29/2019 to 6/14/2019


8/7/2019 to 7/12/2019


Last updated March 2019

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