Master in Infection and Immunity


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Program Description

Well-trained and creative minds help us solve the public health problems of the future. Do you see yourself tackling the increasing incidences of allergies and autoimmune disease, working on emerging infections such as Ebola and MRSA? Would you like to spend time on developing personalised medicine to treat cancer or chronic inflammatory diseases? Join our programme!

Contribute to a Faster Diagnosis of Diseases and Better Treatment Options

Emerging infectious are a threat to human and animal well-being. An increasing number of allergies and chronic inflammatory diseases have a major impact on individuals and society as a whole. Knowledge of the immune system provides you with the know-how to develop potential health care solutions for cancer, transplantation, and downregulation of a hyperactive immune system as for example in rheumatoid arthritis.

This Master’s programme covers a variety of topics such as fundamental and clinical immunology, vaccines, immunotherapy, mechanisms of infectious diseases, molecular epidemiology of infections, virulence factors of microorganisms, and resistance to treatment. You contribute to the accumulation of knowledge that is directly or indirectly leading to a faster diagnosis of diseases and better treatment options.

Why you should study Infection and Immunity at Utrecht University

  • Work in a lively research environment during your six to nine-month internships. Gain hands-on experience in biomedical research in infection and immunity.
  • Infection, immunity, and the role of microflora in human and animal welfare is one of Utrecht University’s core research areas and the Graduate School of Life Sciences is home to a large number of world-leading research groups working in this field.
  • The annual scientific symposium is a particular highlight. This symposium is organised by Master’s students and features talks by international experts and poster presentations by second-year Master’s Infection and Immunity students on their own areas of research.
  • Do your minor internship abroad at prestigious partner universities all around the world due to our intensive collaboration with international research institutes.

Career Prospects

Infectious diseases and immunity disorders affect a large part of the population. Therefore, highly trained scientists in infection and immunity are needed for developing fast diagnostic procedures, effective treatment, and preventative measures such as vaccines in order to minimise the impact on individual patients and society.

Possible Prospects

MSc graduates trained in both fundamental and translational aspects of infection and immunity are in great demand. They will find their way into:

  • Research in academic hospitals;
  • Research institutes (fundamental research);
  • Biotechnology;
  • The pharmaceutical industry;
  • Policy-making organisations in science and health care;
  • Education

Academic Careers

By the end of their Master’s programme, the majority of our students have secured a PhD position within the field of infection and immunity either in Utrecht or elsewhere in the Netherlands. Several of our alumni have been accepted onto PhD programmes at prestigious international universities.

Professional Careers

  • Recruitment consultant for life sciences;
  • Project managers in health care;
  • IT consultants

Facts & Figures

The number of international students varies between 10 and 25%.

Per year 1 - 2 students with a Bachelor’s of Applied Sciences are accepted onto the programme.

More than 50% of Infection and Immunity students perform their second research project abroad at leading universities or institutes.

About 75% of our graduates continue by joining a PhD programme and have continued their academic career at:

  • UMC Utrecht or another university medical centre in the Netherlands;
  • NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute);
  • Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, SWE;
  • University College London, GB;
  • Stanford University, CA, USA;
  • Rockefeller University, NY, USA; or
  • Harvard University/ Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA

Last updated May 2020

About the School

Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is an esteemed international research university, consistently positioned number one in The Netherlands, 14th in continental Europe and the worldwide top 100 of int ... Read More

Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is an esteemed international research university, consistently positioned number one in The Netherlands, 14th in continental Europe and the worldwide top 100 of international rankings, and member of the renowned European League of Research Universities. Read less