Reasons to take the course

Classes in Barcelona, on the weekend, once or twice a month.

Team of teachers with extensive clinical experience in the field of clinical sexology and couple therapy.

Formative therapy of the student before starting work with the assigned cases.

Practices with real cases, in the Institute of Studies of Sexuality and the Couple.

Supervisory groups

Guided visits.

Moodle specific to the course, with forums, downloading materials, etc.

Tutoring available throughout the Master.


Clinical sexology is an upward specialization that increasingly requires professional experts in this field of competence. In fact, just over 45% of the population will suffer some type of sexual dysfunction throughout their lives. Despite this high prevalence, public services are not sufficiently trained to offer this specialized care properly. On the other hand, there are more and more private centers that need to incorporate specialized professionals in this field to form multidisciplinary teams that can meet the wide variety of care demands in the field of clinical sexology.

This master's degree aims to become a quality training proposal, university, professional, that guarantees students the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to develop their professional project properly.

On the other hand, the frequency of couple crises and divorces in our country demands the existence of trained professionals who can help resolve these situations in the best possible way, which often generate a high level of personal unrest, discomfort that it is extended to children and the most immediate circle of personal relationships.

The availability of competent professionals is increasingly necessary to guide and advise couples in resolving their interpersonal conflicts or in dissolving the relationship in the least costly way possible from an emotional point of view.

Who is it for?

Graduates or graduates in Psychology or Medicine, and students of the last year.

Admission requirements

Graduates or graduates in Psychology or Medicine, and students of the last year.


  • Train students for intervention in the field of clinical sexology and couple therapy.
  • To provide students with a solid scientific base and a broad level of knowledge of human sexuality.
  • Provide students with resources and strategies that favor a quality clinical intervention.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of clinical experience through the work with real clinical cases, clinical supervision and the analysis of numerous clinical cases presented during the sessions.
  • Train students for psychotherapeutic intervention in interpersonal relationship conflicts within the couple.
  • Promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for psychotherapeutic intervention, counseling and support for couples in crisis.
  • Enhance the ability of students to respond competently to a wide variety of cases and situations such as those that can be found in their professional activity.

Professional outings

I work as a specialist in clinical sexology and couples therapy in private centers, and in multidisciplinary teams.


The Master's work is based on:
1. Theoretical and practical classes (dynamic theory, analysis of clinical cases in groups, etc.).
2. Formative therapy (the student participates as a patient in 8 sessions of individual therapy prior to clinical care with assigned patients).
3. Work with real clinical cases (the student will be assigned patients of the Institute to do their practices, under supervision).
4. Supervision group (experienced senior therapists will supervise student work).
5. Virtual work (essentially work and article reviews, technical monographs, etc.).
6. Guided tours.
7. Master's final project.
8. Personalized tutoring (a tutor accompanies each student throughout the entire master).

Evaluation system

1. Attendance and participation in the face-to-face sessions: the participation of the students in the work groups, in the classroom activities, in the role playing, etc. will be valued. Since the Master is very oriented to the most practical aspects of clinical intervention, participation is a key aspect of the course.
2. Participation in virtual activities. Participation and contributions in the various activities that will be carried out through the Moodle platform will be valued.
3. Work with the assigned clinical cases.
4. Participation in the supervision group.
5. Involvement in formative therapy.
6. Tutoring: the active relationship with the teaching staff of the course will be assessed to answer questions, ask questions, raise questions related to theoretical sessions or research work.
7. Master's final project: work evaluated by a tutor and presented in public.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
Last updated August 5, 2019
This course is Online & Campus Combined
Start Date
Oct 2019
3 semesters
5,050 EUR
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Oct 2019
End Date
June 2021
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Oct 2019

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June 2021