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Program Description

Presentation of the Program

The Master of Biomarketing is a program of the Faculty of Sciences of Saint Joseph University of Beirut in Lebanon.

This Master program aims to train professionals and build an executive profile for students-candidates in the field of Natural Sciences and Marketing. Students-scientists will become strategic decision makers able to analyze markets dynamics, to master business intelligence and development and to elaborate marketing, communication, and media plans.

Such profile requires both technical and scientific skills useful for biological products and materials on one side and applied marketing and communication skills to different sectors such as the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetics and paramedical products, on another side. Thus, the first year of the Master has two main components: first, fundamental, which objective is to provide a solid scientific and technical basis to students, the second, pragmatic application, focusing on the business side, remarkably marketing and communication.

The second year of the Master is a pivotal year at the academic-professional interface. It is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical training in companies. The proposed courses are provided by both academics and professionals, which facilitates the integration of graduate students into the business market, and allows better matching lessons with the concerns of the professional world, regardless the field of activity.

Program Summary

During the first year, students will gain skills in quality approach, Law & Legislation, Communication, Fundamental and Strategic Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Advertising as well as skills in Perfumes, Aromas and Cosmetics, Chemicals and Detergents, Derma-cosmetics and hair care products, Alimentary products and Food Additives, Pharmaceutical products and Biotechnology and Medical Devices Industry.

The second year will sharpen their profile by enrolling them in a variety of innovative courses: Advanced topics in Marketing, Brand development and Planning, Business Development, Channeling and Structuring, Corporate Management, Corporate Strategy, Market Access, Market Analysis, Media and Public Relations and the Art of Salesmanship.

Internship Scheme

The second and final year of the program includes a mandatory 4 to 5 months internship. We strive to offer our students the best opportunities to get in contact with the market and open the first door towards an excellent career. Today, we are proud to count a large national and international network of companies collaborating with our program and welcoming our students, considering them brilliant candidates and promising professionals.

Career outlook

As a part of the master’ in Bio-Marketing, students acquire expertise and proficiency in scientific and technical aspects of biological and chemical products, according to their commercial dimensions and marketing. Thus, roles available for biomarketeers are quite varied and diverse. The foreseen opportunities are the following: Marketing Coordinator, Product/Brand Specialist, Market Research Coordinator-Consultant, Sales Representative, Medical Representative, Communication Officer, Biomedical Trainer, Bio-industrial Trainer, others…

Highlights of the Program

  • This master takes place in the framework of a convention agreement with “Grenoble Ecole de Management” for Advanced Master of Science in Management of Biotechnology Companies.

Students who have completed their Master 1 in Bio-Marketing may apply for the second year of the Advanced Master of Science in Management of Biotechnology Companies. Following their admission, they accomplish 15 months at “Grenoble Ecole de Management”. At the end of their stay, they would hold a double degree: a Master in Bio-Marketing from USJ and an Advanced Master in Management of Biotechnology Companies from “Grenoble Ecole de Management”.

  • The trainers/professors are largely experienced professionals in the Top Senior Management of national and international companies.
  • The collaborative partnership between us and a large number of companies, from different sectors in Lebanon and abroad. This networking approach has been through the year an added-value for both parties, offering excellent candidates for the job offers as well as offering dream jobs for our students/professionals.
  • Our Master program offers a crosscutting and integrated approach through the two years to focusing on results and improving excellence performance.

Entry Requirements

We welcome the applications of students:

  • Holders of a BS in:

Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry; Laboratory Science, Medical Analysis, Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Holders of a Doctorate in:

Pharmacy; Dental Surgery; Medicine

  • Holders of a Master in Sciences or Ph.D. and wishing to

Admission to the Master’s in Biomarketing is subject to a candidate file review with an interview before a selection board. Exceptionally, after an examination of their curriculum and in view of their acquired competencies, candidates who do not have the above-mentioned requirements may also be considered. In such an event, the admission may be made subject to conditions with respect to the courses to be followed.

International Students

Find out more about studying as an international student at Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) here:

For more details on our master in Biomarketing, visit our page on the Faculty of Sciences website!

Last updated Apr 2020

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Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university that was established in 1875. The university and its degrees are officially recognized by the Lebanese state, in accordance with the provisions of the private higher education that governs higher education in Lebanon. Read less