Master in Bioengineering


Program Description

Master in Bioengineering


Master in Bioengineering

Objectives: To form a master's qualification with a framework applied to research, development, and production of products, processes and services that use biological microorganisms or components in the field of industrial biotechnology and biomedicine, characterized by:

  • Sufficient Knowledge of the different disciplines in biosciences (cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics,etc.).
  • Excellence in the command of biotechnological tools (from genetic engineering and metabolic to bioreactors and bioprocess).
  • Knowledge of the industrial sectors and trends in the use of biotechnologies and their engineering aspects.

Aimed at

The Master's is aimed at graduates (degree holders, engineers) who wish to enhance their professional career or gear it to new biotechnologies. Holders of the Master's degree will be able to practice as high-level research and innovation professionals in industry or to continue their academic career with a subsequent doctorate.


One academic year and the Master's Thesis (30 ECTS).


The price is 13.800€ (230 €/credit) (course 2012/13) (60 ECTS). The Master's Thesis is granted by IQS if you do educational collaborations. If you refuse this scholarship, you have to pay 4.500€ for Master's Thesis.

IQS graduates have special conditions on access and enrollment.

Scholarships IQS

IQS has several scholarships available for the completion of the doctorate. As long as they are accepted, those students who enroll the Master willing to do the doctorate afterwards, may apply for an IQS grant. This grant will finance the Master's tuition. Students will receive this grant as a monthly salary during three years to study the Doctorate. The receiving of this grant is conditioned on getting an average of a minimum of "Notable" (value of B grade) in the grades of the Master's degree.

The student must be admitted previously as a candidate to realize the Doctorate in some IQS Department. A full-time commitment is required to study the Doctorate.

In case that the student decides to abandon the Doctorate, he/she will have to pay the total amount of the Master in which he/she was registered.

The announcement of these grants will be open yearly. This announcement will always be closed on July 1st to assign the grants before July 30th. The number of grants will be conveyed in each announcement.

The students who have received some IQS grant are required to ask for any other official grant. In case to get some official grant, the IQS grant will be reassigned to the following student within the same course.

The IQS grants will be assigned according to the transcript of records of the student, but having also into account all the record of the student. For instance, if there are two candidates with the same grades, the students who have studied the Degree at IQS will get preference for the grant.

Student Profile

To take the Master's Degree in Bioengineering, candidates must apply to the Master's Evaluation Committee for admission, and provide evidence of entrance qualifications and professional CV, if appropriate.

On a general basis, according to the access degree, additional training, in specific areas, will be required according to the following list:

  • Biotechnology and biochemistry graduates: They will not need any extra training.
  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy graduates: They will receive training in "Microbiology" and "Molecular and Cellular Biology".
  • Biology, Veterinary, Environmental Science, Agricultural Engineering graduates: They will receive additional training in "Introduction to Bioprocess engineering" and "Biomolecules structure and functions".
  • Other graduates: The Master's Admission Committee will study every case in particular and they will elaborate the training plan for the candidate.

The extra lessons that a student may require are not part of the Bioengineering Master of the Universitat Ramon Llull, so they can be taken in any other University, as long as the achievement of the training can be accredited. IQS may offer those courses in September before the Master starts.

The achievement of the training must be accredited before the beginning of the Master.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Start date
Sept. 2018
2 years
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13,800 EUR
Spain - Barcelona
Start date: Sept. 2018
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Sept. 2018
Spain - Barcelona
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