Master Study Programme in Pharmacy (5 years Bachelor leading to Master)


Program Description

Faculty of Pharmacy offers a five year Master Study Programme in Pharmacy (5 years)

Intakes for 2020/2021 hasn't been announced yet. However the deadline will be 4 September 2020.

Starting from the academic year 2009/10, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a five year Master Study Programme in Pharmacy, compliant with the Directive of the European Union 2005/36/EC. The study is based on a credit system and offers a wide range of optional courses structured to facilitate the student's desired career in areas such as

  • substance synthesis and analysis
  • analytic evaluation
  • biological effect assessment
  • molecular biology
  • basic pharmacological and clinical research
  • pharmaceutics economy and management in Pharmacy
  • practical pharmacy

The entrance examinations consist of written test from biology (including botany) and chemistry with a correct answer to each of 40 questions from each of the two subjects awarded by one point. The maximum possible score is therefore 80 points. The entrance exam is carried out online. The tuition fee for the upcoming academic year has been set to 6 700 Euro. Students can apply both individually or through contracted agencies in their countries. With any queries please contact the Study Office at pharmacystudy(@)


The Curriculum of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno with its great range of optional courses offers students enormous flexibility in profiling their studies according to their interest and desired future career. Main areas are pharmacology, pharmacognosy, applied and social pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, microbiology and pharmaceutical technology.

The course of studies

The course of studies is regulated by the Study and Examination Regulation ensuring fair treatment for all the students.

Entry requirements

Applicants for the Faculty of Pharmacy must be graduates of secondary school and present a certificate of the final examination (or the equivalent). Applicants must successfully pass entrance examination which includes written tests in biology and chemistry at a secondary school level.

After graduation

Graduates of Master's degree in Pharmacy are entitled to take an Advanced Master's State Examination and defend Advanced Master's Thesis. After successful defence applicants are awarded "Doctor of Pharmacy" degree (PharmDr.)

Graduates can also continue in Ph.D. study, Faculty of Pharmacy offers doctoral study programme in 3 fields: Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical technology.


Our graduates work in pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical laboratories all over the world, for example in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland,the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, France, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, South Korea or Japan.

Zentiva, Teva, Ratiopharm, Novartis and AstraZeneca are the most notable companies where our graduates work.

Last updated September 2019

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