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Welcome to the Master's program in pharmaceutical biotechnology


On the basis of a good Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biology with emphasis in molecular biology or in programs with essentially the same content, you will research in the master program, development and product-oriented formed. The study objective of the four-semester consecutive Master's degree program PBT is a qualified degree in the pharmaceutical biotechnology with the degree "Master of Science" ( "M.Sc."). The "Master of Science" is u. a a capability is to doctoral studies.

Study contents / Qualification Profile


The Master's program in pharmaceutical biotechnology is a high degree of interdisciplinary study program with modules from the fields of bioprocess development, Biotechnology, Technical Microbiology, biopharmaceutical, applied immunology, therapeutic antibodies, stem cells and regenerative medicine, vaccination, current aspects of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, legal bases, Drug and quality assurance ,

The curriculum is designed so that in addition to the professional qualification provides sufficient opportunities to acquire integrative or additive key qualifications. Semester abroad can be complications integrated into the curriculum. A final six months, usually research-oriented master thesis work self-organization, self-responsibility and intercultural teamwork. Procedure and results are summarized in writing by the rules of scientific publishing and presented orally colleagues.

general information

The growing importance of pharmaceutical biotechnology for the development of industry and research, especially in the economic region of Ulm, led to the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Biberach University with undergraduate Bachelor - pharmaceutical biotechnology course.

In consistent further development of this promising knowledge and development branch since summer 2010 offer the Biberach University and the University of Ulm in cooperation in the consecutive Master course in pharmaceutical biotechnology.

On the basis of a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Biology with emphasis in molecular biology or in programs with essentially the same content you are taught increasingly focused on research in the master's degree program. With the completion of the master training you can get in two years, the competence to work in the many areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries nationally or internationally independently.

The pharmaceutical biotechnology is a future science that deals with the development of innovative strategies for fast and efficient transfer of the latest medical and pharmacological findings in safe and highly effective pharmaceutical products. She moves deliberately on the border of (bio) chemistry, medicine and biotechnology and combines so many aspects of modern life sciences. Especially in this interdisciplinary research in university / university and industry is seen to also future requirements for drugs for safety and effectiveness to meet at reasonable cost an enormous potential.

Cooperation Course

Students of the master program can use the infrastructure of both institutions. Get insights into both the unfassende range of subjects at the University as well as in the practical and applied teaching and research at the university.

Biberach University

At the Hochschule Biberach is available for the master program, the Institute of Applied Biotechnology (IAB). In close cooperation with the industry and with national and international universities, the Institute worked research projects in the manufacturing process for biopharmaceuticals. In the different laboratories of the process will be completely ready - starting with the establishment of cell lines via fermentation, protein purification and protein analysis. Students of the Master's program are called in to investigate these current and progressive projects; the research findings flow directly back into teaching.

The Biberach University has a wide laboratory structure with ultra-modern facilities. The curricula for the courses - Bachelor to Master - were developed in close cooperation with industry, numerous representatives from practice involved on courses.

University of Ulm

The study and research of the University of Ulm is through a medical - marked technical profile - scientific. The Master's program in pharmaceutical biotechnology is represented by the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology with special emphases protein engineering, production and purification of therapeutically effective recombinant proteins and manipulate protein - interactions. Through cooperation with other academic institutions such as biochemistry, biology, human medicine and molecular medicine training is offered, covering both basic as well as future development trends and application requirements of methods and products.

The end, the necessary interdisciplinary research is a hallmark of the University of Ulm. Local, national and international collaborations with both university and non-university institutes and industry are reflected in research centers, centers of excellence, focus and research groups again.


The Master's program in pharmaceutical biotechnology offers 25 places at the winter semester and the summer semester there are 15 places. Applications are made online via the University of Ulm. The online application is available in the following periods:. For the winter semester 15.04 to 15.05. (deadline)
For the summer semester from 15:10. to 15.11. (deadline)

Important Information for applicants

  • Are documents are not written in German or English, an official certified translation must be submitted in German or English
  • The application documents shall become the property of the University of Ulm and will not be returned. Therefore, please send us any original documents. A re-application must be fully carried out and submitted new online, a reference to the University of Ulm have present documents is not possible
  • Incomplete online applications and incomplete documents filed are rejected

The prerequisite for admission

The prerequisite for admission is a Bachelor's degree with above-average test results in pharmaceutical biotechnology course or courses with essentially the same content. Programs with substantially similar content are as biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, Biosystems Engineering, Biomedicine, Pharmacy (State Examination).
This can be completed at a domestic or foreign university or, alternatively, a recognized equivalent of at least three years of study.

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Traditionell eine Hochschule für Bauwesen steht die Hochschule Biberach für die klassischen Disziplinen Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen. Spezialangebote differenzieren diese Studienangebote: Projektmanagement (Bau) sowie Betriebswirtschaft (Bau & Immobilien). Read less
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