Master of science in mental health and psychotherapy


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Program Description

Maintaining and restoring mental health is an important social task. Our multifaceted Masters course empowers you to be mental illnesses active in various professional contexts of prevention and rehabilitation.


entry requirements

  • General university, technical university or college entrance gem. § 60 ThürHG
  • First degree in health psychology or psychology
  • More psychology degrees (eg, communication or business psychology), after examination by the Central Examination exclusion

Content, objectives and end of the study

Mental disorders are common and serious consequences - for individuals but also for society. Statistically ill every second or third person in Germany at some point in their lives from mental illness. In addition to restoring the mental health after an illness is also the prevention of mental disorders is of immense importance. Consider how we can get the mental health, therefore, play a major role in health promotion and in a variety of other applications. The preservation of mental health and the treatment of mental disorders are the focus of our Master's program in Mental Health and Psychotherapy.

The demands on our mental health in work and private life are enormous. Not without reason is the overall social burden of mental disorders for decades on the rise.

In 2005 postulated the WHO: "There is no health without mental health".

Exactly in this context is the Masters Course on Mental Health and Psychotherapy. This principle applies to all areas of life and over the entire lifespan. Whether a child fears at school or an adult problems with unemployment or too high a workload has, is the maintenance of mental health in focus. In addition to these external stressors also the field of medical psychology is gaining importance. In a society have in winning the so-called lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity in importance as concerned is also more important to deal with somatic illnesses. Again, professional psychological assistance proven helpful and helps to mitigate negative consequences of the disease. Optimally, it comes through a targeted prevention not the occurrence of mental disorders and mental health is obtained.

The master's degree Mental Health and Psychotherapy at our institution dedicated to promoting and maintaining mental health and treatment of mental disorders and this looked at various patient groups as well as various workplace setting, to the occupational health management.

Career prospects

With the completion of the master program Mental health and psychotherapy are open to many career opportunities.

The Master's degree in Mental Health and Psychotherapy qualifies you for a wide range of applications, for example in the areas of:

  • Prevention of mental disorders, for example, in school and work environment
  • Health promotion, for example through health counseling and coaching
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychological counseling
  • Medical Rehabilitation (outpatient and inpatient)
  • Authorities of health care (Staff)
  • Schools, health insurance
  • Supervision
  • Education, training and education
  • Personnel development and selection
  • Leadership (Master as a prerequisite for the activities in senior management)
  • Research, especially preventive health care, utilities and therapeutic research

Additionally, you receive the Master's degree "Mental Health and Psychotherapy" at the SRH University of Applied Sciences for Health Gera, Thuringia (the simultaneous presence of a Bachelors in Health Psychology or university Bachelors in Psychology) access to psychotherapy training in child and adolescent area after Psychotherapeutengesetz.

In addition, you have to start with the conclusion of the opportunity an education in the following therapies: Systemic family therapy, Gestalt or psychotherapy.

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Unsere Hochschule ist mit über 900 Studierenden in 12 Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen die einzige private, staatlich anerkannte und vom Wissenschaftsrat institutionell akkreditierte Hochschule im Freistaat Thüringen. Read less
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