Master of arts in health and social management


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Program Description

The need for highly trained managers in health and social services rises. Our Postgraduate Health and Social Management prepares you for this responsible task and forms to broad-based specialists.


entry requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in therapy, care, health and social sciences, social work, or economics and experience
  • Working in professionally related fields, eg. B .:
    • healthcare (physio / occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses, etc.) *
    • social services (social workers, pedagogues, therapists, etc.) *

*Gem. § 63 Abs. 3 of ThürHG also be open to candidates in defined exceptional cases, which have not entered into a first degree, but vocational training in a technically related field and have at least 2 years of professional experience in this. Through this scheme you can gain access to the Master's program on an aptitude test. Contact us.

study model

The study will take place at 6 Block weekends (Friday to Monday) per semester. Thus your studies at our university can be ideal with your work and home demands agree.

Content, objectives and end of the study

The Master Health and Social Management empowers you to identify company-specific problems, develop strategically relevant solutions and to provide professional deals in health and social services.

Our health and social services need to become more integrated economically, to meet the high costs of printing and the call for more quality, customer and patient orientation justice. Simultaneously experienced healthcare workers increased stress and feel increasingly loaded and overloaded. This development and the management of these tasks require wide-skilled and highly trained managers in health and social services. The program provides you for this demanding activity not only important business know-how but prepares you also ideal by the teaching of key skills on challenging leadership activities before.

Drain health and social programs (MA)

The Postgraduate health and social management to expect an extra-occupational course of study that can be agreed by compressed attendance phases optimally with your work and home demands. The study case takes place on 6 Block weekends (Friday to Monday) held per semester. Our University is practical lectures and competence oriented teaching and learning. At the individual block weekends you study intensively and at an academic level with practical problems. The ownership of the students in the master's degree program is the focus: because only those who are responsible and learns can surpass himself, knowledge and acquire skills and take responsibility - for themselves and for others.

Career prospects

With the completion of the master program health and social programs are open to many possibilities of career change and new career paths.

The program enables you to perceive high level responsibilities in the management in profit and non-profit companies, for example in the areas of controlling, quality management, human resources and project management. Due to the type of farming you are qualified for both management positions as well as assistance and support functions and as a project manager.

Possible fields of application:

  • outpatient, and inpatient facilities, such as hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric institutions social
  • Management in social work, such as day care centers, assisted living, nursing homes
  • Support of Social Work, both regionally (district organizations) as well as at provincial and federal level
  • Company health and social economy
  • Youth, social and health authorities, associations of the health and social sector, medical associations, health insurance, insurance, corporate and social counseling
  • Companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and medical technology

The promotion and thus an academic career are possible with the master's degree health and social programs. The prerequisite for this is usually that you also have a first academic degree (Bachelor, Diploma, Master, ...).

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