Master of arts aging in healthy and gerontology


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Program Description

The master's degree Healthy Aging and Gerontology offers a unique opportunity to take an active role in the transformation of society.


entry requirements

  • First degree in the field of speech therapy, academic speech therapy, Speech Sciences, Patholinguistics, clinical linguistics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing or comparable qualifications
  • About the access of other candidate decides the Central Examination Committee

study model

The course takes 14 days (Thursday to Friday) held at our campus in Karlsruhe. This study at our university can be ideal with work and home demands agree.

Content, objectives and end of the study

The focus of the Master's program in Healthy Aging and Gerontology (MA), the rapidly changing demands are to our society and to the education and health systems due to demographic changes.

On the one hand to take chronic diseases and multiple illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis or dementia in our aging society. On the other hand a large part is fitter than ever and therefore wants an active ourselves certain participation in society in the areas of: education, work and entertainment, even in old age.

This is where the Masters Course Healthy Aging and Gerontology (MA). For this development brings extensive demands on the knowledge of all stakeholders in the health care and makes the master's program in order to create an innovative and brand new offer.

Active participation in society - even in old age

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the proportion of over-50s in 2050 will exceed 50 percent. For this reason it is important to develop training opportunities for older workers, but also to design new ways of working, living and housing models and this, across generations, actively integrated into everyday life. By this development, the importance of preventive measures will increase significantly. The progressive technical possibilities are more interesting for the elderly. Long they use smartphones and services such as WhatsApp to communicate with children and grandchildren in close contact or use the Internet to make a purchase.

Even when companies and businesses a significant increase in the demand for experts is predicted in this area. Thus topics such as health promotion, safety at work and an active preparation for retirement for healthy aging is extremely important. Among the newly developed fields of work include, for example, the tourism industry or gyms.

The demand and importance of this topic is enormous and a scientific debate on the issue is essential, since the occupations will evolve even more diverse in the future.

Career prospects

With the Master of Arts in Healthy Aging and Gerontology are open to many career opportunities. The possibilities for graduates are many and include the following areas:

  • Prevention and counseling in health centers, foundations or insurance
  • Quality management and quality assurance in retirement facilities
  • Diagnosis and treatment, for example as a therapy manager
  • Developing guidelines

The therapy management includes:

  • Therapy planning and coordination
  • therapy Regulations
  • History meetings in an interdisciplinary team
  • Progress Documentation and Performance Measurement
  • Scientific collaboration in research or project sites

Also, you are able

to develop implementation strategies for modern, science-based prevention and rehabilitation strategies, apply and implement. In addition, you can participate in the design of health programs of provincial governments and / or the federal government.

In addition, you acquire the Master's degree the ability to take a doctoral program at a university and thus to acquire further qualifications (PhD, Habilitation) in the scientific field.

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