Master’s Degree in Medical Surgical Nursing


Program Description

O Master's course in Medical-Surgical Nursing aims to ensure the acquisition and / or development of scientific, technical, relational, ethical and research to intervene in the provision of specialized nursing care in the clinical area of ​​medical-surgical nursing. The course also aims to enable students to integrate multidisciplinary teams on helping to promote the highest level of health of the population and enable the development of research in medical-surgical nursing, contributing to the creation of scientific evidence. Still want the school, in addition to promoting the development of good practice in the workplace, preparing nurses who can act in society, who are capable of intervening and coping with the social and professional changes in the future and contribute to the advancement the profession in order to meet the needs of the individual, family and community.

Learning outcomes proposed to take the course as a prerequisite the possession of a degree in nursing and professional experience as a nurse for at least two years.

Therefore, and considering that students already have the skills set to the first level of nursing education, it is intended that the increase and enhance the surgical medical specialization area for the specialist nurse stands as a key element in the design, management and clinical supervision of care of greater complexity.

With the objectives of this Master, directed to the areas of expertise in medical-surgical nursing, we want the students throughout the course to develop the ability to:

  • Apply their knowledge in depth and systematic manner and his ability to understand and solve problems in the area of ​​specialized care in medical-surgical nursing;
  • Collect, interpret and synthesize information on the evaluation of users in critical condition (urgent, emergency and intensive care) in order to act with quality standards;
  • Implement a specialized practice in emergencies / emergency and disaster situations in accordance with the ethical principles, ethical and legal professional practice;
  • Integrate specific knowledge about wounds that optimizes actions to prevent and to achieve the best treatment with the best results;
  • To analyze the scientific basis for its actions in the area of ​​medical-surgical nursing and implement an evidence-based practice;
  • Communicate and establish appropriate interpersonal relationships with the individual and the family in crisis, as well as the health care team, motivating and knowing manage conflict situations;
  • Collaborate effectively with disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams, knowing the contribution of other professionals and their skills, either as a participant, leader or consultant under the care specialize in medical-surgical nursing;
  • Implement an information management, human capital and material resources in order to better decision regarding the consumption of health care;
  • Understand, evaluate and contribute to the development of the performance of services provided to users or populations;
  • Critical analysis of the theories and models of health concepts, promotion and protection of health and prevention of disease and disability;
  • Integrate knowledge and understand in depth the physiological, psychological, social and family of the patient in terminal illness situation, to enable it to act with the patient, their family and / or caregivers;
  • Reflect on their practice and on their profession in order to identify personal and professional goals with a view to continuing professional development and promoting lifelong learning autonomously life;

Formulate new questions, select, plan and implement research strategies in the area of ​​medical-surgical nursing, review results in a systematic way and disseminate them properly.

Last updated Mar 2020

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