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Program Description

Focussing on the social, political and environmental factors that impact global public health, Queen Mary Online’s MSc in Global Public Health will increase your awareness and expand your understanding of global health issues so that you can address social injustices in health and make positive changes within local and international communities.

  • Award and programme title: MSc Global Public Health (also available at Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate level)
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Level: 7
  • Mode of study: Online, part-time

Why study an MSc in Global Public Health?

With so many factors having a significant impact on public health, as a health professional, it’s important to understand how these factors affect people’s health from a global perspective.

In today’s globalised world of international news networks and social media, both governments and the public are more aware than ever of the unjust, yet avoidable, health inequalities occurring around the world – and public health systems’ failure in eliminating these inequalities.

To be able to address these inequalities and bring about change, you need to gain a keen awareness and understanding of the underlying global public health issues that cause these inequalities. This course aims to provide you with just that.

Is this course the right choice for me?

Queen Mary Online’s MSc Global Public Health is a perfect course option for you if you’re:

  • Working in public health
  • Working in the public sector
  • Looking to work in the public health or humanitarian sectors
  • Interested or working in political or social sciences

As a student of this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a career in public health policy and delivery at a local, national or international level. You’ll have the competencies to work within either the public sector or with international health organisations such as WHO and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Who teaches this course?

Queen Mary Online’s MSc in Global Public Health course is offered through the renowned Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

A multidisciplinary academic team from the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health (CPCPH) lead the course. The CPCPH is renowned for its work in delivering world-class research and education to inform and guide local, national and global public health policy.

This multidisciplinary academic team is made up of leading researchers, health experts and teachers, with backgrounds in these areas:

  • Public health
  • General practice
  • Medical sociology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Biostatistics
  • Immunology
  • Planetary Health
  • Nursing
  • Bioethics
  • Anthropology

The CPCPH forms part of Queen Mary University of London’s Blizard Institute within Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry – the University’s medical faculty.

How is the course structured?

One of the great benefits of this course is that it’s offered completely online, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to study on your own terms, without putting your work or other commitments on-hold.

The course is 2 years part-time and includes 8 learning modules – each worth 15 credits –and a final dissertation – worth 60 credits. You need to accrue the full 180 credits to graduate from the course.

What modules will you study?

  • Health Inequalities and the State of Global Health – You’ll be introduced to the key concepts of global health
  • Understanding Epidemiology and Statistics – Understand how to critically analyse and interpret the results of statistical techniques that are commonly used in global public health
  • Health Systems Policy and Performance – You’ll be introduced to a range of “health systems” definitions within an economic, social, global, and historical context
  • Critical Health Economics – Explore key economic theories and concepts and how they’re applied to global health policy
  • Global Health Policy and Governance – You’ll be introduced to key disciplines related to global health – politics, international relations, globalization, global governance and jurisprudence – and understand their relationship to global health
  • Planetary Health – Gain a range of analytical perspectives on changes to the environment on a local, national, and global scale and understand how these changes impact planetary and human health
  • Disease Management: Policy and Practice – Explore the link between diseases and public health policy and plan design
  • Research, Evidence, and Policy – Understand how scientific data and evidence is applied in public health policy and the debates around their application
  • Dissertation

Entry requirements

To apply for this course, you’ll need:

  • A 2.1 honors degree (or international equivalent) in a related discipline. This can include medicine, social or health science, or nursing.
  • IELTS 7.0 or PTE academic 68, including IELTS 6.5 or PTE 62 in Writing. This is only applicable if English isn’t your native language.

Your application may also be considered if you haven’t studied a directly-related discipline, but have studied one that’s closely-related and can show a genuine interest in studying global public health.

International applicants

Queen Mary University of London prides itself on its international student community and has a rich history of welcoming thousands of students from all corners of the globe. Many of our international graduates are now enjoying successful careers in their relevant disciplines.

To make sure our international students are getting the best out of the modules and teachings of this course and can fully engage in online discussions, all our international applicants need to have a minimum academic English standard to be admitted into the course.

If you’re an international student wanting to apply for this course, you’ll need to provide evidence that you meet our standard English requirements (as explained in the above Entry requirements).

If you have any questions about our English language requirements, or what English qualifications you’ll need from your country to be able to apply for this course, please contact our team of course advisors who can help.


Each module of this course has its own method of assessment, depending on the learning objectives of the module.

These methods of assessment include:

  • Examinations
  • Assignments
  • Presentations
  • Dissertation

Career opportunities

As an MSc Global Public Health graduate, you’ll have the competencies required to work in a range of public health policy and delivery roles on a local, national, or international scale. You’ll be able to work both within the public sector and with international health organisations.

The competencies you’ll gain through the course modules could also give you the opportunity to further your academic development with a PhD.

As an MSc Global Public Health graduate, you’ll have the confidence to be an astute public health and policy professional with a global perspective that’s able to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams that are just as passionate about achieving positive change.

Our recent graduates of this course’s on-campus equivalent – Global Public Health & Policy – went on to build a career with renowned organisations including:

  • United Nations
  • British Medical Association
  • Public Health England
  • Ministry of Health Botswana
  • Ministry of Health Iraq
  • Inspire Mental Health Consortium
  • Marie Stopes International
  • Population Services International

As a Queen Mary student, you’ll also have access to QM Careers, where you can access valuable career advice at any time throughout your time as a student. The QM Careers office can also help you with part-time, internship and volunteering work opportunities while you study.

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