MSHS in Clinical and Translational Research


Program Description

The George Washington University's (GW) online MSHS in Clinical and Translational Research teaches across disciplines and explores biomedical science, clinical administration, community health, and health policy. In 36 credit hours, you'll learn to develop best practices to bring the latest findings in medical science to the patients who need them most.

Students in the MSHS in Clinical and Translational Research program will complete 36 credit hours and will learn to:

  • Develop a broad foundation and understanding of the philosophies and practices of clinical and translational research in human health.
  • Lead and collaborate with other scientists, clinicians, investigators on translational research teams.
  • Develop strategies for health care improvement initiatives.
  • Evaluate clinical research processes and standards for protecting human subjects.
  • Develop translational research proposals in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines.

The online MSHS in Clinical and Translational Research is ideal for students looking to build their collaborative team-based and leadership qualities and to gain experience working remotely with teams, simulating actual translational research activities in a global environment.

Last updated August 2019

About the School

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