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MS in Nursing

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The mission of the School of Nursing is to promote and maintain the highest educational standards of excellence, integrity, and professionalism in nursing, following the American model of nursing education and practice. The school aims to provide learning opportunities that will enable students to develop into competent nurses who respect cultural diversity while coordinating and delivering high–quality, compassionate nursing care in Lebanon and the region, guided by ethical principles. The faculty believes education is an interactive process between faculty and students with both taking responsibility for active learning. The baccalaureate program, drawn primarily from the humanities, sciences, and caring disciplines, focuses on the use of nursing theory and research as a basis for practice. The master’s program focuses on preparing nurses for advanced nursing practice roles. It is based on the use and generation of research-based knowledge to guide practice. Nursing students at AUB learn to think critically, develop professional attitudes and leadership skills, and appreciate the value of life-long learning and freedom of speech.


The Rafic Hariri School of Nursing aspires to become the leading school of nursing in Lebanon and the region; nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in education, research, and service.


A student is eligible for consideration for admission to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program if s/he fulfills the following AUB admission requirements for graduate studies:

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing from AUB or its equivalent degree from another recognized institution, with an undergraduate average of at least 80 in the major field of study (nursing) and a cumulative undergraduate average of at least 75.
  • Please see the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalogue for further details regarding the English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR).
  • A license to practice nursing from country of residence.
  • Evidence of knowledge and competence in physical assessment skills.
  • One year of work experience in nursing.

The program admits both full-time and part-time students, provided the student completes all program requirements within a maximum period of four years. Extension beyond the maximum allowed period of study requires approval by the Graduate Studies Committee of the school. Candidates who fail to meet any of the admission requirements but who, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrate potential for graduate study are admitted on probation. Students with a cumulative undergraduate average of at least 75 but less than 80 in the major field (nursing) may be conditionally admitted as graduate student on probation. Students admitted on probation must complete nine credits of graduate level courses within the first two semesters of graduate studies, pass all courses and attain a minimum cumulative average of 80 to achieve regular status.

MSN Tracks

The School of Nursing offers four tracks:

  • MSN in adult care, with an optional minor in nursing education
  • MSN in nursing administration
  • MSN in psychiatric mental health, with an optional minor in nursing education
  • MSN in community and public health, with an optional minor in nursing education

Both thesis and non-thesis options are available for all tracks.

Graduation Requirements

All recommendations for graduation are made by a vote of the faculty, upon the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee. To be eligible for graduation from the MSN program, the student must have

  • passed all required courses with a minimum grade of 70 per course
  • achieved a cumulative average of at least 80 and
  • completed a total of 36 credit hours
  • passed the comprehensive examination
  • completed the requirements for the thesis or project.


For those students enrolled in the MSN with thesis option, s/he must submit a thesis based on original, independent research. The thesis must be in English. An abstract not exceeding 350 words must be submitted with the thesis. Once approval for writing the thesis/project is granted, the student must ensure that the thesis/project conforms to the guidelines outlined in the University Thesis Manual found in the library. It is mandatory to apply the Manual’s style to the thesis, and theses not conforming to the Manual requirements will not be accepted. The student must submit copies of the thesis to the members of the thesis committee at least two weeks before the thesis defense. These copies should be unbound but ready for binding.

Students may opt for a three credit project; if so, three credit elective course work in a related area should be taken. Students who choose to do a project are assigned an adviser who serves as the project adviser. The Master’s project committee should be composed of at least two members recommended by the department/program. The project topic proposal and selection of the adviser, and selection of project committee members, should be approved by the Faculty/ school Graduate Studies Committee at least four months before the project defense. Pass (P) or Fail (F) is reported for project defense. If Fail (F) is reported, the student may resubmit the project and defend it after a period of at least three months. Failure on the second attempt results in discontinuation of the graduate work.

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