MS in Healthcare Decision Analysis


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Program Description


USC Healthcare Decision Analysis is an industry-validated graduate program that directly prepares you for business careers in healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices & diagnostics, and health insurance.


Our real-world STEM training provides strategic management tools and actionable insights for improving healthcare value, access, reimbursement, and pricing.

The MS in Healthcare Decision Analysis program features an applied curriculum with areas of specialization that directly prepare graduates for analytics-focused healthcare business careers. Each course is constructed in consultation with executives from global healthcare, biopharmaceutical, medical devices & diagnostics, and health insurance companies. Our targeted market research approach offers direct access to career-accelerating tools, tactics, and insights critical for making an immediate impact in advancing value-based healthcare.

Program Benefits

  • Acquire a portfolio of ready-to-use analytics tools and templates
  • Apply HCDA’s strategic management playbook to make an immediate impact in any business
  • Build comfort in designing and managing research projects targeting value and access
  • Gain policy insights to lead organizations through the changing health reform landscape
  • Learn to create business and market plans to support product lifecycle management strategies
  • Profile value of innovative products, proof of concept requirements, and pricing tactics for healthcare stakeholders
  • Understand the use of integrated systems approaches to competitive intelligence gathering

Requirements for Degree Completion

The Master of Science in Healthcare Decision Analysis degree requires completion of 33 units and a capstone industry analysis project.

Core Courses (choose 11)

  • HCDA 501 Fundamentals of Healthcare Insurance Design (3 units)
  • HCDA 502 Comparative International Healthcare Systems (3 units)
  • HCDA 503 Competitive Healthcare Intelligence and Pricing (3 units)
  • HCDA 506 Foundations of Insurance and Global Access (3 units)
  • HCDA 507 Foundations of Product Development and Commercialization (3 units)
  • HCDA 510 Business Implications of Healthcare Reform (3 units)
  • HCDA 515 Medical Decision Analysis and Modeling (3 units)
  • HCDA 520 Health Economics and Outcomes Methodology (3 units)
  • HCDA 525 Healthcare Literature Analysis and Applications (3 units)
  • HCDA 530 Total Product Development (3 units)
  • HCDA 540 Executive Leadership and Healthcare Marketing (3 units)
  • HCDA 550 Healthcare Innovation: Creativity to Value (3 units)
  • HCDA 553 Advanced Pricing Strategies (3 units)
  • HCDA 560 Managing Effective Partnerships and Mergers (3 units)
  • HCDA 580 Seminars in Healthcare Decision Analysis (3 units)
  • HCDA 590 Directed Research (3 units)



Application Eligibility Requirements

We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply:

  1. Earned a bachelor’s degree with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  2. GRE is required for application (minimum composite score 300, with no less than 150 in each section)
    • Exemption to the GRE requirement may be available to highly qualified individuals, on a case-by-case basis
      • Typically, the exemption is granted to individuals with advanced degrees from the U.S. in science, business, or economics and/or with 10 years or greater professional experience in the healthcare industry
  3. International students only: TOEFL (minimum score 100) or IELTS (minimums score: 7)
Last updated Sep 2019

About the School

Founded in 1905, the USC School of Pharmacy has played a key leadership role in both the advancement of the field of pharmacy and in the education of new generations of pharmacists and remains one of ... Read More

Founded in 1905, the USC School of Pharmacy has played a key leadership role in both the advancement of the field of pharmacy and in the education of new generations of pharmacists and remains one of the nation’s foremost schools of pharmacy today. Read less