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For medical students seeking a professional career, a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree is the first step following undergraduate education. While a PhD is designed for aspiring researchers, an M.D. is geared towards developing the knowledge and skills necessary for practicing doctors.

What is an M.D. in Surgical Medicine? This degree is awarded to students following a graduate program focusing on medical theory and practice as pertaining to surgery. The coursework is often structured with a broad, integrated perspective in mind, from diagnosis and evaluation to treatments both operative and non-operative, and may include courses on other clinical practices outside of surgery. Part of the curriculum is usually devoted to interactive teaching in a hospital setting, overseen by senior surgeons.

Taking an M.D. in Surgical Medicine equips students with the necessary aptitudes and experience for medical practice, surgery or otherwise. Alongside specific vocational skills, students can develop research and critical reasoning skills, as well as refining oral and written communications with patients and colleagues.

Programs for an M.D. in Surgical Medicine involve around six years of full-time work. The registration and tuition costs reflect this, though they vary from one school to another, and students should contact the relevant admission office to learn more.

Following an M.D. in Surgical Medicine and a residency period in a hospital environment, students are prepared to enter a career as a physician or surgeon. The roles of physicians and surgeons can include taking a patient’s medical history, ordering tests and using these results to form a plan of treatment. Physicians tend towards counseling patients on healthcare, while surgeons operate directly to treat acute and chronic conditions. Specialties therein can include anesthesiologists, pediatricians, radiologists and gynecologists.

Many medical schools around the world offer an M.D. in Surgical Medicine. Because of the practical experience involved, purely online programs are not usually available, though some distant learning courses may be available. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza offers a 6-year inter-faculty degree course in Medicine and Surgery that is taught entirely in English (Programme F at the “Policlinico” University Hospital) and ... [+]

Medicine has been taught at Sapienza University since the Studium Urbis was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII. Over the course of the centuries, the Faculty has amassed knowledge and influence, shaping medicine in both Italy and Europe and improving human health. 

In particular, Sapienza offers a 6-year inter-faculty degree course in Medicine and Surgery that is taught entirely in English (Programme F at the “Policlinico” University Hospital) and is open to students from around the world. 

The aim of this degree is to educate students to the highest standards of medical practice, train specialised clinicians in patient-centred medicine and tackle crucial issues in the mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease, as well as health care and basic science.
... [-]

Italy Rome
October 2019
6 years