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A Doctor of Medicine, or MD, is a professional graduate degree for medical practitioners. In contrast to a research doctorate like a PhD, this degree is the target for medical scholars who want to practice medicine instead of take on a research or academic career.

What is an MD in Surgery? This graduate program certifies a student’s expertise in surgical practices, procedures and technology. Courses often progress in subject from the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology and the changes induced by disease to the physical diagnosis and care of patients. The program may place learners in hospital settings in higher years to gain practical experience in the hospital work environment, patient-doctor relationships and the principles of operative and non-operative care, all under the supervision of senior surgeons.

Those who earn an MD in Surgery can build the necessary foundation to work as medical professionals. Learned skills range from problem-solving and information-gathering abilities that are put to work in diagnosis to the professional interpersonal skills vital in working with patients and colleagues.

Obtaining an MD in Surgery takes about four to six years of graduate-level academic work following a four-year undergraduate degree. The cost of tuition and registration for these courses will vary depending on the university, so students should make sure to research such costs.

With an MD in Surgery and the necessary period of residency, graduates are often equipped and qualified for a professional medical career with a number of options. Surgeon is the profession most have in mind with this degree. While many perform general surgery, surgeons commonly specialize in a particular field during and after school, with some prominent specialties including orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular and reconstructive surgery. Other adjacent positions that apply this MD include anesthesiologists and emergency physicians.

Many major universities worldwide with medical schools offer programs for obtaining an MD in Surgery with full-time studies, generally on campus. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza offers a 6-year inter-faculty degree course in Medicine and Surgery that is taught entirely in English (Programme F at the “Policlinico” University Hospital) and ... [+]

Medicine has been taught at Sapienza University since the Studium Urbis was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII. Over the course of the centuries, the Faculty has amassed knowledge and influence, shaping medicine in both Italy and Europe and improving human health. 

In particular, Sapienza offers a 6-year inter-faculty degree course in Medicine and Surgery that is taught entirely in English (Programme F at the “Policlinico” University Hospital) and is open to students from around the world. 

The aim of this degree is to educate students to the highest standards of medical practice, train specialised clinicians in patient-centred medicine and tackle crucial issues in the mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease, as well as health care and basic science.
... [-]

Italy Rome
October 2019
6 years