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Best Online M.D.s in Doctor of Medicine 2017

A Doctor of Medicine is a highly advanced degree that requires about six years of work. Many M.D. programs require a combination of classwork, research papers, and hands-on clinical practice to certify students as medical doctors.

A Doctor of Medicine is an advanced degree program for students who want to work as a medical doctor. Classes may include radiology, anatomy, nephrology, cell biology, phlebotomy, immunology, surgery, medical ethics, diagnostics, and medical terminology.

Online learning, or e-learning is the process of learning using various types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video. There are many e-learning processes which diffuse knowledge and learning without borders.

Online Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Doctor of Medicine

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Doctorate In Medicine

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Online & Campus Combined Part time 30 months March 2018 Peru Lima

The Degree of Doctor of Medicine represents the highest degree of the academic training of the doctor, which means possessing competences for leadership, management, research and biomedical innovation in addition to having a comprehensive humanistic training. [+]

Best Online Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Doctor of Medicine. Presentación The Doctor of Medicine Degree Represents the highest level of academic training of the physician, which means possessing competencies for leadership, management, research and biomedical innovation in addition to having a comprehensive humanistic training. GOALS To provide a high quality training for the development of research competencies that will generate and disseminate knowledge in Health Sciences. Promote and carry out basic and applied research in the field of Medicine. Graduate Profile At the end of the program, the graduate doctor will be able to: Develop and communicate a research work or doctoral thesis in IN CONTEXT to the health problem according to biomedical scientific knowledge, assuming relevant approaches, models and techniques. To have competencies in leadership, management and research, with scientific rigor Curriculum The curriculum consists of six cycles. With a total of 64 credit hours required. The program is offered under the mixed mode (semi-tutorial / tutorial) and the student will be regularly advised according to his / her need and the criterion of the tutor FIRST YEAR First cycle : Seminar Project Thesis I Second cycle : Research I SECOND YEAR Third Cycle : Research II Writing biomedical articles Fourth cycle : Research III THIRD YEAR Fifth cycle : Research IV Sixth cycle : Research V Admission Addressed to: Doctors with a Masters Degree or Master Requirements  Send the following obligatory scanned documents to the mail or present it at the admission office of the Víctor... [-]