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A Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the highest degree for physicians and surgeons. Depending on the country, it can be either a professional doctorate (like in the case of the US or Canada), or a research degree (like in the UK or Germany).

Doctor of Medicine degrees are designed to prepare highly skilled medical professionals who would be capable of meeting medical challenges in a wide variety of settings. The study program for an MD degree typically combines academic training with advanced clinical experience through hands-on practice in a healthcare setting, for example in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, or nursing homes.

MD programs can have numerous specializations, such as general practice, surgical medicine, physiotherapy, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, and others. There are many Doctor of Medicine degrees offered by leading universities and other educational institutions around the world.

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March 29, 2022

Images of attacks on Ukrainian cities have shocked the world for over a month now. A children’s hospital, an art school, a public square, an opera house, and residential areas have been some of the targets of the attacks that started when Russia's invasion of the country started on the 24th of February. Since then, volunteers from across Europe and other countries have traveled to Ukraine to help emergency response teams attend to the victims of the military conflict. Nurses and other medical practitioners are among the nearly 20,000 volunteers who have left their ordinary lives to serve in Ukraine. Read more about what medical students are doing to ease the effects of the conflict and what you can do to help…

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