Program Description

Program Overview and Mission

Western’s Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) program prepares students for managerial positions in a range of health services organizations. The program is designed for part-time study; classes are scheduled in the evenings and occasionally on Saturdays.

Program Learning Outcomes

1.  Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills when facilitating group interactions, preparing written analyses, presenting compelling arguments and solutions, preparing well-documented plans, reports, and papers and when sharing core   health administration principles, concepts and practices.

2.  Apply leadership techniques appropriate for the context to inspire and influence individuals and teams to pursue a shared vision and goals.

3.  Demonstrate awareness of the multidisciplinary nature of healthcare operations and take responsibility for acting effectively and professionally in teams as a team leader and/or as a member.

4.  Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to assess situations, identify challenges and opportunities, solve problems, implement solutions, and evaluate results in health care delivery.

5.   Make decisions and conduct oneself according to high ethical and professional standards.

6.  Apply knowledge of management and leadership theories and practices to design, organize, mange and improve health care systems and organizations in compliance with industry standards and overall mission.

7.  Apply the knowledge of health care organization’s structure, operation, finance, accounting, technology and context to design systems of care, develop operational plans and strategic plans in line with organization’s overall mission and strategy.

8.   Identify and evaluate ways to strengthen the U.S. healthcare system by critically comparing it to international health care systems.

Last updated Sep 2020

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