Top Masters of Arts in Biomedical Studies 2019

Students who earn an MA (Master of Arts) enjoy a graduate level of mastery in their field. This knowledge and skill can help them pursue further study or jobs that utilize the skills taught in the program.

What is an MA in Biomedical Science? This is a degree that combines medical training with the study of applied science. You may learn, for example, about the chemistry of the human body or the biological composition of DNA. These ideas and many others are taught in courses such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology and various science labs students must enroll in. Throughout the classes, you will synthesize your understanding of scientific concepts and the human body’s makeup to learn about their applications in medicine.

This interdisciplinary program can entice learners with several benefits. Understanding science, medical concepts and biology is an admirable and in-demand set of knowledge. The ability to utilize familiarity with multiple topics is a basic requirement for most opportunities in the field, and successfully completing your coursework will prepare you well.

Every institution has different tuition rates, so costs vary. Contacting the admissions office and asking for an estimated expense summary is the best way to get accurate information.

Earning an MA in Biomedical Science is a promising start to any career. The opportunities you can pursue are wildly varied, but nearly any sector will value the scientific and medical knowledge you possess. Working in research or becoming a licensed healthcare provider are options, but pursuing further education such as medical school is a great possibility, too. There are many jobs that you can apply your skills to, and whoever employs you should have use for your wide span of knowledge.

An MA in Biomedical Science is both challenging and rewarding. Part-time and online class schedules may be available in certain programs. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Roosevelt University

The Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (MABS) degree program is designed to help students enhance their understanding of the biological disciplines. ... [+]

Biomedical Sciences, MA


The Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences (MABS) degree program is designed to help students enhance their understanding of the biological disciplines that are the intellectual foundation for medical school or other professional health science programs. The program also builds formal skills in analysis of the biomedical literature and of ethical questions that impact the medical profession. It is appropriate for students with a good overall medical school/professional school application package who need an additional opportunity to demonstrate their ability to master challenging coursework. Students in the MABS degree program receive:... [-]

USA Chicago Schaumburg
September 2019