M.Sc. in in Health Systems (HS)


Program Description

The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa offers a Master of Science in Health Systems (M.Sc. in HS) Program in response to address need for original approaches to management and organization of health systems. Successful research in health systems calls for the collaboration of researchers in management, social sciences, computer science and engineering, as well as in the health and clinical sciences.

The integrative approach proposed by the M.Sc. in HS program is unique and innovative and it will contribute to the development of an integrated and patient-centric system for delivering health services to Canadians.

Fields of Study: M.Sc. in HS


Research in this field will address:

  • Issues, including organizational, financial and operational models for the provision of high quality and efficient health services.
  • Issues of improving efficiencies of health systems and developing new organizational models.


Research in this field will address:

  • Issues of data interoperability, security and privacy of information, data warehousing and data marts for health applications, and taking full advantage of the latest developments in ubiquitous and wearable computing for providing point-of-care support.
  • Issues of ubiquitous and mobile computing, including provision of decision support at the point of care.
  • Issues around the Electronic Health Record.

Empirical studies

Research in this field will:

  • Use empirical data and evidence in order to evaluate new methodologies for knowledge creation and knowledge transfer, patients’ empowerment in a decision-making process, development of decision support tools, or evaluation of the effectiveness of new or improved protocols.
  • Evaluation of evidence-based decision making as the pillars for provision of health services and health delivery.

Last updated May 2018