• Directors: Mr. Benjamín Herreros and Mr. Fernando Bandrés.
  • Credits: 60 ECTS.
  • Duration: October - June (one academic year).
  • Modality: Online.


In current medicine, ethical conflicts are increasingly frequent and have a high impact on decision making. It is essential that clinicians are trained in clinical ethics, but it must be an essentially practical training, which is what the "Master in Clinical Ethics" offers.

Whoever makes Modules 1 and 2 would also be given the corresponding Diplomas in Consultancy and Clinical Ethics and Ethics at the end of life./>



  • Improve decision making in the usual ethical problems in clinical practice.


  • Enable students to work as consultants in bioethics and in ethics committees for healthcare.
  • Improve the quality of care in the units and services where the professionals who carry out the courses work.
  • Knowing how to analyze the main ethical conflicts of clinical practice.
  • Provide students with the tools to solve ethical assistance problems, through individual and group decisionism.

I direct to/>

  • Medical professionals who develop clinical activity in the health field. These professionals can range from less experienced doctors (residents of recent years and young deputy doctors), to more expert professionals.
  • Degree professionals with an interest in the ethical aspects of the clinic: nursing, psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, social work, law, philosophy. They can be newly qualified professionals and also expert professionals.



  • Full Tuition Payment: 5000 euros.
  • Payment for reservation of 200 euros (this amount will not be refunded if, later, the student decided not to take the course).
  • Possibility of paying in two installments
  • Possibility of Scholarships up to 40%


  • Module 1: Consulting and consulting in clinical ethics.
    Coordinators: Benjamín Herreros and Diego Real de Asúa.
    (Corresponds to the Diploma of Consulting and Consulting in Clinical Ethics)
  • Module 2: Ethics at the end of life.
    Coordinators: Benjamín Herreros and Miguel Sánchez.
    (Corresponds to the Diploma of Ethics at the end of life)
  • Module 3: Ethical conflicts in special contexts.
    Coordinators: Benjamín Herreros and Gregorio Palacios.
  • Module 4: Ethics, biotechnology and research with human beings.
    Coordinators: Emanuele Valenti and Benjamín Herreros.
  • Module 5: Practices and TFM.

Estancia Madrid of three weeks, but convalidable with supervised online practices; to choose between the two options for the students./>

Coordinators: Benjamín Herreros and Diego Real de Asúa./>

  1. Internships in Ethics Committees for Health Care.
  2. Practices in Consultancy and mediation in bioethics.
  3. Practices in Ethics Committees for Clinical Research.
  4. Practices in a clinical ethics center / institution.
  5. Master's Thesis
  6. Evaluation.

Final Master's Project (TFM): Assisted by a teacher assigned to this task, an in-person or streaming presentation will be required./>


All the professionals are professionals with teaching and practical experience in the topics discussed.

  • Benjamin Herreros. Specialist in Internal Medicine, Professor of Legal Medicine Department UCM.
  • Fernando Bandrés. Professor Dept. of Legal Medicine UCM.
  • Miguel Sánchez Professor of Bioethics UCM.
  • Rogelio Altisent. Chair of Professionalism and Clinical Ethics of the University of Zaragoza.
  • Bernardo Perea. Professor of Legal Medicine UCM.
  • Javier Sádaba. Professor of Ethics Univ. Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Juan Carlos Álvarez Professor of Bioethics CEU.
  • Diego Real de Asúa. Master in Bioethics, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Carlos Mur de Viu. Hospital Manager of Fuenlabrada, Specialist in Psychiatry.
  • Emanuele Valenti. PhD in Philosophy, Master in Bioethics.
  • Gregorio Palacios. Master in Bioethics, Master in Health Law.
  • Enrique Vivas Doctor in medicine. Professor of the EU.
  • Enrique Olivares. Master in Bioethics, Legal Medicine Specialist.
  • Pilar Pilar. Specialist in Legal Medicine, Professor of Legal Medicine Department UCM.
  • Eloy Pacho Master in Bioethics, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Tayra Velasco PhD in Nursing, Professor Nursing Dept. UCM.
  • María Jesús Pascual Medical Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Madrid Salud.
  • Beatriz Moreno. PhD in Psychology, Master in Bioethics.
  • Andrés Arriaga. Professor of Psychology EU.
  • Daniel López Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Mª Dolores Martín. Specialist in Preventive Medicine, Professor of Preventive Medicine URJC.
  • José Miguel Hernández. Doctor in Philosophy, Master in Bioethics.
  • Ramón Ortega Lozano. PhD in Philosophy of Science, Communication Professor, Nebrija University.
  • Cristina Guijarro. Specialist in Neurology, Professor of the EU.
  • Eduardo Pacios. Specialist in Radiation Oncology, Doctor of Medicine.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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