Institute for Medical Studies - preparation for TUL (Preparatory Courses for University Study)


Program Description

In close cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, we offer you preparatory courses for successful study at this university.

Course description

Students who decide to undertake a one-year preparatory course in Liberec will spend part of their studies on the campus and part in ILPS classrooms. That will allow them to connect with the university environment right from the beginning. As well as intensive Czech language lessons they will be thought technical subjects on the university grounds by lecturers and professors.

All subjects will be thought with technical textbooks according to students language abilities. This Czech language course is focused on language and communication. Students will learn the whole system of Czech grammar, a relevant amount of vocabulary and syntax structure. Students will be able to communicate fluently and efficiently. During this course equal attention is paid to both spoken and written communication; comprehension, reading, and listening are also practiced. Students will be also introduced to geography, history, political and cultural affairs of the Czech Republic. Part of the course will be thought in the UJOP UK classrooms located in city center and all vocational subjects will be thought on university grounds (classrooms and labs) by university lecturers and professors, therefore students can get familiar with the university environment right from the beginning. Upon fulfilling all study requirements students will reach the B2 level in the Czech language and credits in vocational subjects.

Last updated October 2017

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