Health Science Foundation Year


Program Description

The Health Science Foundation Year is a program designed by the Universidad Europea de Madrid through which health can discover your true vocation and help you decide your future career as a dentist, pharmaceutical, biotechnologist, nurse, physical therapist or psychologist.

The objective of this program is to introduce you to the basic knowledge of the health sciences through key subjects such as Cell Biology and Genetics, Human Anatomy, Physiopathology and Biostatistics. The basic material for various Degree qualifications in health sciences corresponding to the structure, functioning and behavior of the human body, and methodologies for information analysis and scientific production.

You will also begin to develop skills and abilities that are key to your professional future in the health sector: Psychology and Communication Skills, and Management Skills and Group Management. You will improve your level of English or Spanish with the language material depending on the group that you sign up for, and will also learn about health terminology.

You will be able to discover your true health vocation through the simulation module, as you will undertake an internship in a high fidelity simulation environment in facilities with advanced technology, which are pioneers in Spain. You will always be guided by a faculty of professors with extensive professional and educational experience. Some of the subjects in this program are eligible for recognition as part of the Degree program that you end up choosing to study.

Student Profile

The Health Science Foundation Year is a program aimed at students who legally meet the university's eligibility requirements and who wish to study health sciences, but are unsure as to which health discipline they would like to specialize in Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Psychology.

Through these programs, students will be introduced to basic materials, competencies, and skills in health sciences and will choose a schedule of practical classes that will help them decide on their future profession in the field of health.

International Outlook

Enjoy some of the advantages that position us as a university with a clear international focus: choose among double degrees with many international universities, benefit from an Erasmus scholarship, study totally or partially in English or take your internship abroad.

We are part of the prestigious Laureate international network, the leader in further education, serving more than 850,000 students in 30 countries and over 80 institutions worldwide.

Cutting Edge Professional Facilities

At the Universidad Europea, our priority is learning with an eminently practical approach. Our Madrid, Valencia and Canary Islands campuses offer you the best facilities for putting your knowledge into practice, in the most fully equipped laboratories and using the latest technologies, before joining the career world. Likewise, in the university clinics, students of the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Health Sciences can develop their practical learning in contact with the professional world.

Guarantee of Quality

Our hard work and constant dedication to academic excellence have been recognized by many of the most prestigious quality certificates, such as EFQM 400+ “European Excellence”, Quali-cert, and Madrid Excelente.


Students who enroll in the Health Science Foundation Year will be able to choose whether they want to study in Spanish or English to strengthen their level in the chosen language and expose themselves to the necessary health terminology for their future profession.


The admissions process to study a Bachelor's Degree at the Universidad Europea is via a few simple steps, which basically consist of submitting certain documentation, taking an entry exam and conclude with the formalization of enrollment.

Financial Aid

At the Universidad Europea de Madrid we have a full system of financial aid available to you to help you pay for your education. Some examples are:

  • Flexibility in payments
  • Monthly installments
  • Help for prompt payment
  • Aid for continuing studies
  • Aid for simultaneous studies
  • Aid for having a family member at the Universidad Europea


The Universidad Europea has signed several agreements with banks to help you pay for your studies.

Grants and scholarships

In 2012-13, more than 1,100 grants and scholarships worth over 5 million euros were awarded to students of the Universidad Europea.

  • Grants and scholarships from the European Career College of Madrid
  • Official grants and scholarships from the Ministry of Education
  • Talented, Outstanding People Program (TOP Program)

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