Expert in Body Damage Assessment


Program Description


  • Body damage assessment
  • Body damage assessment techniques
  • Medical-expert technique
  • Medical assessment of body damage
  • Medical expertise and insurance methodology
  • Medical expertise in traffic accident
  • Medical evaluation of mobbing
  • Practical application of medical assessment of corporal damage


  • Establish the protocols and methods for the assessment of corporal damage.
  • To develop the expert technique in the different pathologies of the valuation of the corporal damage.
  • Prepare opinions with scientific and technical expertise

Admission requirements

Graduates in Medicine and Surgery. Law graduates. Personnel Directors, Managers.

Duration and Realization

650 hours online or online , and can be done in a maximum time of 12 months


The student will be given the keys to the European Campus as a technological support, which will allow him to access the course documentation, the self-evaluations and evaluations with the student's guide and the tutorial.

Likewise, the tutors in a personalized way will answer your questions about the training contents online, telephone and personally if the student so wishes.

As an essential requirement is to pass the evaluation test, final project and the exam.


Students will receive a Diploma Own Title issued by the Catholic University of San Antonio - UCAM.

Last updated October 2019

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