Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate


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Program Description

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Our Entry-Level Doctor of Occupational Therapy (ELOTD) is designed for students entering with a degree in a field other than OT. Students will experience an exciting program combining a diverse curriculum, research, service learning, and fieldwork. Our program prepares students to graduate as a generalist, ready to work in any area of the field while fostering leadership skills, allowing our students to emerge as top practitioners and researchers in occupational therapy. We believe that our program can teach our students to be Empowered, Innovative, Educated, and Inspired in the profession of occupational therapy.

Learning Objectives

In the tradition of Tufts University and the Boston School of Occupational Therapy we strive to Educate, Inspire, Innovate, and Empower:

Educate: Students will understand that professional education and scholarship at the graduate level is a continual (life-long) process.

  • Students will become self-directed learners and take ownership of their own personal educational journey.
  • Students will understand that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and continues as a critical piece of professional growth/professionalism.
  • Students will understand and reflect upon the importance of "occupation" at its deepest level.
  • Students will approach inter-professional and collaborative relationships with open-mindedness, creativity, and flexibility of thinking, with clients, teams, and service delivery settings.

Inspire: Students will advocate as leaders and change agents within the occupational therapy profession.

  • Students will craft unique collaborative inter-professional relationships
  • Students will design and implement evidence-supported interventions to inform best practice
  • Students will capitalize on resources to create and implement technology solutions for client benefit
  • Students will reflect on their social-emotional intelligence and develop the competency to define their leadership style and areas for continued growth within an ethical lens/framework

Innovate: Students will provide innovative and meaningful services based on client-centered human occupations across a life-span.

  • Students will value the holistic approach and mindset occupational therapists use when working with clients.
  • Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset to create new programming for traditional and emerging practice areas.
  • Students will design and develop innovative programs in emerging practice areas with ingenuity and an entrepreneurial lens.

Empower: Students will develop into leaders with a passion for civic engagement who are able to address current and future occupational needs of individuals, populations, communities, and health care systems.

  • Students will become emerging leaders with a passion for civic engagement; addressing occupational needs at the level of the individual, populations, communities, and health care systems.
  • Students will advocate for self, the profession, and for clients paving the way for innovative application and scholarship in current and future practice.
  • Students will create interventions informed by principles of client-centered care, the client's environment, and informed by evidence.

Application Requirements

  • Application Fee
  • Resume/CV
    • Please include shadowing/volunteer hours
  • Personal Statement
    • Please give your reasons for deciding to do graduate work in the field you have chosen. We are particularly concerned that you cover these points (3 pages maximum):
    • What previous experiences and commitments have brought you to consider applying for graduate training?
    • What are your chief objectives in applying now?
    • How do you think this Tufts program will help you in the pursuit of your objectives and vocation?
  • Writing Sample
    • The Tufts University Department of Occupational Therapy values diversity in a variety of ways – life experiences, personal identity, meaningful activities, ways of thinking and communicating, and many other human and environmental factors. We strongly believe that the unique backgrounds of our student body help to enrich the educational experience of our program and the field of Occupational Therapy. Please tell us about an aspect of your background and how you feel this would enrich our program and the field of Occupational Therapy. (2 pages max)
  • Official GRE scores
    • GRE score is not required for current Tufts undergraduates.
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS, if applicable
  • Transcripts
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
    • Only 2 letters of reference are required for current Tufts University undergraduate and certificate students.
  • Certificate of Hepatitis B Vaccination
    • Please submit to the department directly
  • Prerequisites
    • All Prerequisites must be passed with a grade of B- or better and taken at an accredited college. We do not accept online or hybrid credit for any of our prerequisite course work.
    • One course in abnormal psychology or psychopathology
    • One course in human/lifespan development (will accept a course in the area of child development or developmental psych)
    • One general course in the area of psychology, sociology, anthropology
    • One course in human cell-based biology or human anatomy. At least one of your science prerequisites must contain a lab
    • One course in human physiology. When anatomy and physiology are taken as a combined course, (A&P I and II) you must take both courses to fulfill our physiology prerequisites.
    • One course in introductory statistics.
Last updated May 2020

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