German-language pharmacy studies at Semmelweis University Budapest

At the Faculty of Pharmacy of Semmelweis University Budapest Since 1989 foreign language courses have been offered. From September 2011, the German-language study program was introduced. Teaching is done according to international standards and the diploma is recognized throughout Europe. A German speaking consultation is available to German students at any time. The study requires the general university entrance qualification.

The study program was compiled according to the curriculum valid at the Semmelweis University, but largely takes into account the requirements of the German Approval Regulations for Pharmacists (AAppO).

The structure of the studies allows the students to move to Germany after the fourth semester of study. The first four semesters of study correspond to the first section of the pharmaceutical training according to AAppO.

The course takes a total of five years (10 semesters) and is strongly oriented towards the natural sciences. In the first two years, the main scientific disciplines for pharmacy are taught. During the next two years, the main focus will be pharmaceutical specialty subjects. In the 9th A master thesis is written. After the 4. And 6. Semesters, 4 - week so - "Summer traineeship" (Famulatur), in the 5th. A 24 - week practical training course. The internships can be completed after consultation with the faculty in Hungary or in Germany.

After a diploma thesis and a theoretical and practical final examination, the diploma and the title "doctoral physician" (dr. Pharm.) (Master degree). The diploma is recognized in Germany and also in all other EU countries. Outside the European Union, recognition of the diploma obtained in Hungary depends on the country's regulations. The Semmelweis University also offers the opportunity to Ph.D. Studied in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry and biomedicine.

The 1. Semester of a study year (winter semester) always starts in early September and lasts until the end of January. The 2. Semester (summer semester) starts in early February and lasts until the end of June. One semester consists of 14 weeks of teaching time and a subsequent examination period. The examination period lasts from mid-December to the end of January From the middle of May to the end of June. The study can only be taken at the winter semester.

topic descriptions

1st semester

  • General and Inorganic Chemistry I.
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Computer Science I.
  • Biophysics for Pharmacists I.
  • General Biology for Pharmacists I.
  • Pharmacy history and pharmaceutical propaedeutics
  • Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Pharmacists I.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical terminology
  • Hungarian language I.

2 semesters

  • General and Inorganic Chemistry II.
  • Analytical Chemistry I. / Qualitative
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Informatics II.
  • Biophysics for Pharmacists II.
  • Fundamentals of anatomy
  • Pharmaceutical Botany I.
  • General Biology for Pharmacists II.
  • First aid
  • Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Pharmacists II.
  • Hungarian Language II.

3rd semester

  • Analytical Chemistry I. / Quantitative
  • Physical Chemistry for Pharmacists I.
  • Physiology I.
  • Organic Chemistry I.
  • Basics of immunology and microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Botany II.
  • Hungarian language III.

4th semester

  • Analytical Chemistry II. / Quantitative
  • Physical Chemistry for Pharmacists II.
  • Biochemistry for Pharmacists I.
  • Organic Chemistry II.
  • Arzneiformenlehre
  • Physiology II.
  • Hungarian language IV

5th semester

  • Biochemistry for pharmacists II.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry I.
  • Pharmaceutical Technology I.
  • colloid science
  • Basics of immunology
  • Hungarian language V.

6th semester

  • Pharmacognosy I.
  • Microbiology for pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry II.
  • Pharmaceutical Technology II.
  • Hungarian language VI.

7th semester

  • Pharmacognosy II.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry III.
  • Pharmaceutical Technology III.
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology I.
  • Basics of pathophysiology I.

8th semester

  • Pharmaceutical Technology IV.
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology II.
  • Fundamentals of pathophysiology II.
  • Special legal areas for pharmacists - Pharmaceutical Administration I.
  • health education

9th semester

  • Biopharmaceuticals including pharmacokinetics
  • Pharmaceutical ethics and sociology
  • Clinical Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Care)
  • Special legal fields for pharmacists. - Pharmaceutical administration
  • pharmacotherapy
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