Doctorate in Science (DSc.) in Cellular Research


Program Description

The biotechnology industry is dynamic and constantly evolving as new breakthroughs in science steer the industry as it continues to develop new anti-aging and holistic wellness solutions to meet the global demand.

This program is designed to better equip global business owners and entrepreneurs who are keen on venturing into the lucrative anti-aging and wellness industry with adequate scientific knowledge of the biological mechanisms of aging and the potential therapeutic remedies that can be rendered to their international clientele.

This program recognizes the Prior Learning Experience (PLE) of candidates and builds upon it to propel the learners to the next level via a comprehensive Accredited Prior Experiential Learning Portfolio and Doctorate Thesis in the specialized field of Cellular Research.

Why study at the European Wellness International Institute (EWII)?

  • Acknowledges the value of learning outside a formal setting and recognizes active learning in the workplace.
  • Validates the worth of learning that students have achieved by themselves and accumulated over the years in their respective fields of work.
  • It helps students save time and money by eliminating unnecessary repetition and duplication of material that is already familiar to the learners.
  • Enhance student’s self-esteem based on their professional accomplishments ensuring greater equality of opportunity and practice in career progression.

How is your learning assessed?

a) Prior Learning Experience (PLE) portfolio development

The PLE portfolio is an organized collection of data/materials that records and verifies the student’s learning outcomes, achievements, experiences and relates them to the requirements of the qualification.

Their portfolio addresses a course description through a written narrative and a collection of evidence that supports their knowledge and background. This portfolio will be fully developed by the learners outlining their education and career goals, learning outcomes and competency statements, and documentation verifying the learning claimed.

The process of portfolio allows you to evaluate your past experiences and provide the latest information and evidence of learning for our students to use in their work or educational setting.

b) Research Project

Student’s portfolios will be reviewed by EWII Board and will be assigned research contracts based on their portfolio submissions. 

Why choose the Doctorate in Science in Cellular Research?

  • Analyze the latest trends & issues in cellular therapies.
  • Integrate technology in the teaching & learning of cellular therapies.
  • Engage in the critical analysis of research, evidence & application via a flexible online learning platform.
  • Conduct research that contributes to the solution of cellular therapies.
  • Take on entrepreneur & leadership roles in various fields within the cellular therapy industry. 


60% Coursework

40% Thesis

Course Breakdown

*12 months to complete with 6 months extension. (*T&C Applies)

Module 1

Research Methodology

  • Research Designs (Theory)
  • Critical Evaluation of Literature
  • Scientific Writing & Publication
  • Clinical Trial & Research Construction 

Module 2

Video Making & Editing

  • Introduction to Video Making & Editing
  • Hardware & Software Selection
  • Data Transfer & Secure Storage
  • Technical Management of Online Platforms

Module 3

History & Theories of Cellular Therapies

  • History of Cellular Research
  • Cellular Research Related Diseases & Disorders
  • Integration of Nutritional & Environmental Aspects In Cellular Research
  • Toxicology 

Module 4

Sciences of Cellular Research

  • Cellular Research on Biological Mechanisms of Action
  • Cellular Therapies as a Possible Form of Therapeutics
  • Laboratory Methodologies on Cellular Research
  • Legal Aspects of Cellular Research 

Module 5 

International Business Management

  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • International Franchise Management
  • International Sales & Distribution Management
  • Online Marketing & Advertising Strategies

Module 6 

Safety Standards in the Global Cellular Therapy Industry

  • Quality Control in the Cellular Therapy Industry
  • Processes of Premise Licensing & Operating Permits
  • The Importance of Regulatory Compliance in Manufacturing
  • Introduction to International Quality Assurance Guidelines (GMP, GLP, ISO)

Recognition of your Doctorate

  • International Accreditation Organization (USA)
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners (USA)
  • The International Board of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine (USA)
  • International Association of THerapists (UK)

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor or Master's degree in any field from a recognized institution.
  • 10 years of relevant working experience in the chosen field of research.
Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

The European Wellness International Institute (EWII) recognizes that knowledge and skills can be attained from a broad range of learning. The Institute is therefore committed to ensuring that, where a ... Read More

The European Wellness International Institute (EWII) recognizes that knowledge and skills can be attained from a broad range of learning. The Institute is therefore committed to ensuring that, where appropriate, knowledge and skills which are gained through work experience, life experience, continuous professional development (CPD) or previous qualifications can be given recognition through rigorous relevant andragogical and professional assessments. Read less