Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine


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Integrated pharmaceutical medicine is the scientific discipline concerned with the discovery, development, formulation, delivery, pharmacologic and toxicologic evaluation, registration and scientific monitoring of drug entities for the benefit of public health.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program

The Ph.D. degree in integrated pharmaceutical medicine at NEOMED requires a total of 90 credit hours. All doctoral students in the program will be required to complete 45 hours of didactic study (16 hours of core curriculum and 29 hours of electives that support the research area), 30 hours of research and 15 hours of dissertation work, culminating in a written dissertation and dissertation defense.

M.D./PH.D. & PHARM.D./PH.D. Dual Degree Programs

Students wanting to pursue a dual degree take the Transitions to Pharmaceutical Medicine course in lieu of the curriculum required for direct entry. The Transitions to Pharmaceutical Medicine course transitions the professional student from a primarily didactic learning environment to one that is problem solving with instruction by members of the graduate faculty. There are two, two-hour sessions per week for the 16 week semester. The course emphasizes topics such as drug discovery and development, and drug delivery and drug efficacy, followed by two weeks of integration and assessment.


The basic curriculum for a Ph.D. degree in integrated pharmaceutical medicine (IPM) is 90 total semester hours composed of 45 hours of didactic coursework and 45 hours of research/dissertation credit.


Credit Hours

Transitions to Pharmaceutical Medicine*


Pharmaceutical Medicine Seminar*




Responsible Conduct of Research*


Principles of Drug-Body Interaction


Pharmaceutics with Lab


Medical Pharmacology


Cellular Signaling


Human Structure for Pharmacy


Molecules to Cells


Brain Mind and Behavior


Human Development and Structure


Physiological Basis of Medicine


Patient Care for the M.D.-Ph.D.


Research Writing




Thesis Research (M.S. students only)


Dissertation Research (Ph.D. students only)



The IPM curriculum is designed to allow flexibility for individual students. A program of study that is tailored to the student’s research goals will be developed by the student’s advisor working with the Program Director. Enrolled students can also take graduate courses offered by Kent State University, the University of Akron, Cleveland State University, and Youngstown State University.

Dual-Degree Students

Provided they are in good standing, dual degree students may transfer semester credit hours from their completed M.D. or Pharm.D. degree curriculum, respectively. Such transfer of semester credit hours will be approved by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies upon request by the student during the admissions process into the M.D.-Ph.D. or Pharm.D.-Ph.D. degree program.

Dual degree students will also be required to bridge their graduate and professional components with specially designed clinical skills courses offered by their home professional college (either the College of Medicine or the College of Pharmacy). One example of such a course is the “Patient Care for M.D.-Ph.D.” course currently offered in the College of Medicine.


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