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Program Description

Program Overview

The doctor of naturopathic medicine program at National University focuses on teaching traditional naturopathic philosophy and clinical theory rather than simply naturopathic methods and modalities. Naturopathic philosophy focuses on treating the individual, not simply the disease or diagnosis, and treating holistically which means looking at all the factors that comprise health with the ultimate goal of restoring balance and supporting the natural healing process.


You can earn your Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree in as little as 10 trimesters. Students attend school year round and may complete the program in three years and four months. National University's distinctive and innovative curriculum provides you with a comprehensive base in human biology and anatomy and extensive hands-on training in diagnosis and treatment--we train you to think like a physician.

Integrative Learning

Students learn in the classroom with students in other health programs, as well as treat patients collaboratively within an integrative clinic. National University's focus on collaborative learning encourages students to become colleagues rather than competitors. This better prepares them for future careers in today's integrated health care. Additionally, NUHS students can expand their career credentials through enrolling in dual degree programs.


In our Hydrotherapy suite, students treat patients using the therapeutic benefits of water. Our fully stocked herbal dispensary carries a wide variety of homeopathic remedies, botanical medicines, tinctures, and herbs. ND students also experience botanical herb cultivation in the NUHS Botanical Garden.

Students are taught in modern classrooms utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as SMART boards. Our gross anatomy laboratory housing over 40 human cadavers, allows you to learn through hands-on dissection rather than prosection or virtual instruction. In addition to hands-on dissection, NUHS offers The Anatomage Table, today's most technologically advanced digital visualization system for anatomy education. Active learning continues in our Training and Assessment Center where you will work with "standardized patients" to develop your clinical and communication skills. Learn more about our facilities »

Internship opportunities

Each ND student serves a full year clinical internship and National University offers many exciting internship options. Your clinical experience can be completed at our on-campus Whole Health Center in Lombard and includes a three-week rotation in our Salvation Army clinic helping the medically underserved. Observations are also available to ND interns at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America location in Zion, Illinois.

During your internship phase, you will also participate in weekly Grand Rounds, where students and experts share knowledge, research, and experience on various patient conditions.

How to Apply

At National University, we are here to help you with every step of your admissions process. It's easy to start by filling out our online admissions form or by calling 1-800-826-6285.

Below is a quick summary of the admission essentials:

  • Rolling admission schedule allows you to apply for entry into September, January or May trimesters.
  • Complete an online or paper application and submit a $55 application fee.
  • Write 3 essay responses (400-500 word minimum).
  • Provide two character references.
  • Submit all official undergraduate college transcripts.
  • $225 reservation deposit.
  • Prerequisites for admission

Spring 2018 Application Deadline

All applications for the January trimester must be submitted by December 1, 2017.

Summer 2018 Application Deadline

All applications for the May trimester must be submitted by April 1, 2018.

Apply Early

It is recommended that application to the DC, ND, MSOM or MSAc programs be made 9-12 months prior to program start in order to allow time for the submission, review, and evaluation of transcripts, essays, character references, etc. Applicants whose intended term start is sooner, should contact Admissions to determine if there will be time to complete the admission process and to confirm that applications are still being accepted for that trimester.

Important to Know

Applicants to the DC, ND, MSOM and MSAc programs may apply without submitting all parts of the application (e.g., essays, transcripts, etc.) together at one time. Additionally, DC and ND applicants may apply before completing their bachelor's degree and required prerequisite coursework. All applicants should give thoughtful consideration to their essay composition and be sure to follow the stated guidelines. Applicants do not have to submit essays with their application and should feel free to submit their essays separately. Please see below a PDF of the essay questions contained in the first professional program (DC, ND, MSOM, MSAc) application.

Last updated April 2019

About the School

Founded in 1906, National University of Health Sciences is a leader in the growing field of integrative medicine and is respected worldwide for success in balancing healing arts and science, combining ... Read More

Founded in 1906, National University of Health Sciences is a leader in the growing field of integrative medicine and is respected worldwide for success in balancing healing arts and science, combining broad-scope integrative medicine with patient-centered care. Read less
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