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A diploma program is a concentrated course of study that emphasizes hands-on training in a particular field. In addition to classroom learning, students spend time practicing and applying their new skills in a work environment. Most students earn their diploma in one or two years of study.

What is a diploma in immunology? Immunology is a field of study that investigates the interaction of the human body with microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, and the ways in which it builds up resistance to disease. A typical curriculum for an immunology diploma would include courses in microbiology, infectious diseases and cell biology. In addition, students learn about technology such as immunoassays and immunochromatography, and the applications for clinical diagnosis.

A diploma in immunology gives students an in-depth understanding of the functions of cells and tissue, and the ways in which they respond to illness. In addition, completing this course opens the door for career opportunities.

How much you will spend to earn your immunology diploma will depend on the specific institution you attend. To get an accurate projection of expected costs, speak with officials affiliated with the specific program you are looking into.

Earning a diploma in immunology will qualify you for clinical and research immunology support positions such as laboratory assistant. This program will enable you to become proficient in operating sophisticated laboratory equipment and preparing specimens for testing. Additional duties may include preparing and entering relevant data. Immunology diploma holders also find employment as pharmaceutical representatives and science technicians. Jobs are available in many types of settings, including university research centers, hospitals, government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Many immunology diploma programs are offered by colleges and universities worldwide. Several programs provide flexible options, including online learning, to enable students from all walks of life to earn their diplomas. To get started obtaining your immunology diploma, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Essex Online

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Infection Control is an advanced qualification designed to equip nurses and other healthcare professionals with a comprehensive understanding ... [+]

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Infection Control is an advanced qualification designed to equip nurses and other healthcare professionals with a comprehensive understanding of infectious disease control and prevention in hospital, social care, and community settings. The course examines key areas including microbiology, immunology, public health and communicable disease control. As well as learning about the nature of the communicable disease and how to develop strategies for surveillance, control, and prevention you will gain an understanding of the essential principles of research design.

Why study this subject?

The demand for Infection Control courses has increased in recent years due to contagious illness outbreaks and super-bug such as swine flu, SMRA, and Ebola highlighting the need for more effective infection control. The fundamental underpinning of this programme is that prevention is better than the cure and it is this mentality that will hopefully make outbreaks a thing of the past.... [-]

United Kingdom Colchester
Open Enrollment
16 months