Best Diplomas in Food Science 2019

Diploma programs are often short term or part time programs that are highly specialized. Typically completed in two years or less, these programs educate students in a particular trade or skill.

What is a diploma in food science? Food science is a broad field that encompasses technology, biology, agriculture and engineering. Food scientists solve the problem of ensuring a safe and nutritious food supply, from the farm to the table. Students of food science will explore food sources, study preservation and distribution, understand ingredient production and learn how food is processed, preserved and consumed.

A diploma in food science could benefit a person looking for an introductory career as a laboratory assistant or technician. The knowledge learned in many of these programs will prepare individuals for more career options and some advancement opportunities. This diploma may also help those looking for advanced education.

Because they are brief programs, the cost of a diploma can be less than the cost of other degrees. Contact the school with programs of interest to you to find specific information on the price of a diploma.

Food science and technology professionals can be found in the food processing industry, at universities and in national governmental agencies. Some career paths for a person with a diploma in food science include food science technician, food engineer, food production manager or food development supervisor. Technical assistant, research technician, packaging specialist, quality assurance technician or nutritionist are just some of the jobs that could be applied for with this diploma. This field is of particular interest in developing nations, as they work to establish food production and distribution patterns. Advanced study may be necessary for international elements of this career.

A diploma in food science can be beneficial for those pursuing a career in this industry. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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Tecnológico de Monterrey (Educación Continua Presencial)

The objective of this program is to prepare yourself thoroughly in the megatrends in nutrition, so that you can use food and lifestyle as medicine. Apply what you have le ... [+]


Prepare yourself thoroughly in the megatrends in nutrition, so that you can use food and lifestyle as medicine. Apply what you have learned in a practical and useful way in your patients, projects and companies in favor of health.

Benefits of the programYou will become a health professional with a high level of professional ability and experience.You will be part of a comprehensive high-level program in areas of megatrend in nutrition. You will see theoretical-practical content to ensure your learning and the future application of your knowledge in favor of health.You will have the support of excellent teachers prepared in the area.You will be part of a unique and integrating program of different disciplines to achieve personalized science, functional food design and entrepreneurship.Addressed to... [-]
Mexico Zapopan
May 2019
96 hours