• Director: Dr. Benjamín Herreros Ruíz Valdepeñas and Dr. Miguel Sánchez.
  • Modality: Online.
  • Price: € 1600
  • Date: October 2018
  • Information and contact: igmaranon@fogm.es


  • The Diploma will be done Online.
  • All classes will be in the form of a practical seminar, using the case method (clinical cases and problem cases) and carrying out bibliographic analyzes. In addition, narrative ethics (audiovisual media and texts) will be used to better understand the topics discussed.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to witness Simulation (simulated cases), so that they can be placed in scenarios very close to clinical reality.
  • On-line participation via streaming will be facilitated so that students can interact with teachers.
  • In total there will be 60 hours On line and 60 hours of individual work (reading articles, case analysis).
  • Students will have the opportunity to clarify any doubts that may arise with the teachers of the Diploma course both during the classes and through email.


Main: Enable students to properly handle the main ethical problems that appear at the end of life.


  • Know how decisions are made in clinical ethics.
  • Analyze the ethical problems at the end of life.
  • Learn how to improve the quality of care of patients at the end of life.
  • To know how situations close to death are investigated with the sick.
  • To know how the management of patients at the end of life can be managed in the best way.

Addressed to

Medical professionals who develop clinical activity in the health field. These professionals can range from less experienced doctors (residents of recent years and young deputy doctors), to more expert professionals.

Degree professionals with an interest in the ethical aspects of the clinic: nursing, psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, social work, law, philosophy. They can be newly qualified professionals and also expert professionals.

Students who complete the Diploma will be validated Module 2 of the "Master in Clinical Ethics", to be developed in the course 2018/2019 by the Instituto de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Salud Gregorio Marañón .



  • Full Tuition Payment: 1600 euros.
  • Payment for reservation of 200 euros (this amount will not be refunded if, later, the student decided not to take the course).
  • Possibility of paying in two installments
  • Possibility of Scholarships up to 40%


  • TOPIC 1
    End-of-life problems in clinical ethics.
  • TOPIC 2
    The patient at the end of life: frail and pluripathic patients, terminal patient, evolved dementias, vegetative state, pediatric patients.
  • THEME 3
    Limitation of therapeutic effort and therapeutic obstinacy.
  • THEME 4
    Palliative care. Palliative sedation
  • ITEM 5
    Coping with the end of life.
  • ITEM 6
    Information and communication. Give bad news.


  • Benjamin Herreros. Specialist in Internal Medicine, Professor of Legal Medicine Department UCM.
  • Fernando Bandrés. Professor Dept. of Legal Medicine UCM.
  • Miguel Sánchez Professor of Bioethics UCM.
  • Octavio Márquez Professor of Bioethics UAEM (Mexico).
  • Álvaro Hevia. Professor of Bioethics. University of Valparaíso (Chile).
  • María Teresa Campos. Professor of Bioethics. Federal University of Santa María (Brazil).
  • Águeda Muñoz. Professor of Bioethics. Catholic University of Santa María (Peru).
  • Juan Carlos Álvarez Professor of Bioethics CEU.
  • Diego Real de Asúa. Master in Bioethics, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Carlos Mur de Viu. Hospital Manager of Fuenlabrada, Specialist in Psychiatry.
  • Emanuele Valenti. PhD in Philosophy, Master in Bioethics.
  • Gregorio Palacios. Master in Bioethics, Master in Health Law.
  • Enrique Olivares. Master in Bioethics, Legal Medicine Specialist.
  • Pilar Pilar. Specialist in Legal Medicine, Professor of Legal Medicine Department UCM.
  • Eloy Pacho Master in Bioethics, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • Tayra Velasco PhD in Nursing, Professor Nursing Dept. UCM.
  • María Jesús Pascual Medical Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Madrid Salud.
  • Beatriz Moreno. PhD in Psychology, Master in Bioethics.
  • Daniel López Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in Internal Medicine.
  • José Miguel Hernández. Doctor in Philosophy, Master in Bioethics.
  • Cristina Guijarro. Specialist in Neurology, Professor of the EU.
  • Eduardo Pacios. Specialist in Radiation Oncology, Doctor of Medicine.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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