Diploma in Dental Hygiene


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Program Description

This program is taught in French, click here for the French Translation of the program

The Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

Enrolment in this program is limited. In this program, the student develops the ability to evaluate the oral health of clients and interpret clinical results. Students learn to develop, in collaboration with clients, a dental health plan. The prevention, screening, and control of oral and dental diseases are an integral part of the hygienist's work. The dental hygienist is responsible for delivering quality care and services, whether they are preventative, educational or therapeutic, within his or her scope of practice. The graduates of this program are prepared to practice the profession confidently with an interprofessional healthcare team. Students of this program experience internal and external clinical experiences and participate in a number of interprofessional activities in collaboration with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Graduates must sit for the national certification examination required to practice the profession.

This national examination is offered by the National Dental Hygiene Certification Bureau (www.ndhcb.ca). Graduates are also required to register with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (www.cdho.org).

Admission requirements:

  • Ontario high school diploma or its equivalent from another province, or mature student status
  • 2 French credits (at least 1 mandatory group course): grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 biology credit: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 English credit: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 chemistry or physics credit: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 50% passing grade for all mandatory courses

Other requirements:

BEFORE October 15:

  • First aid certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR Level C *
  • Standard first aid certificate by a recognized organization
  • Current immunizations (including two 2-step tuberculin test, Hepatitis B, and Flu Vaccines)
  • Criminal record check with vulnerable sector check (to be provided annually before the beginning of clinical placements)
  • Valid WHMIS certificate

*First aid and CPR courses are offered several times throughout the college session by the Adult and Continuing Education Service of Collège Boréal.

Work environment (type of employer):

  • Dentist's office
  • Personal dental hygiene services firm
  • Public health services
  • Makers/ distributors of dental supplies
  • Teaching

Possibility of a bachelor's degree or another title:

Many universities recognize the postsecondary credits of Collège Boréal. Each university has its own admission criteria. After your college studies, the university of your choice will examine your credits in order to establish appropriate equivalence.


  • It is essential to be able to communicate orally and in writing in both French and English during clinical internships. Furthermore, most specialized Health Sciences textbooks are only available in English. The Collège favors the use of French textbooks appropriate to the study program wherever possible.
  • An existing certificate in Dental Care is an important asset
  • The student must actively recruit clients for the clinical component of this program, with the support of Collège Boréal
  • The passing grade in all specialty courses is 70 %.

This program is part of the “Consortium national de formation en santé au Collège Boréal” project and is made possible with the financial support of Health Canada.

Semester 1

  • FRA1005 ~ Français I
  • BIO1016 ~ Anatomie et physiologie I
  • ENG1010 ~ Pre English – Professional Communication
  • HYD1000 ~ Anatomie dentaire et bucco-faciale
  • HYD1001 ~ Pratique préclinique I
  • HYD1003 ~ Radiologie bucco-dentaire I
  • HYD1004 ~ Microbiologie
  • HYD1005 ~ Histologie et embryologie

Semester 2

  • BIO1013 ~ Anatomie et physiologie II
  • HYD1006 ~ Matériaux dentaires I
  • HYD1007 ~ Promotion de la santé bucco-dentaire
  • HYD1008 ~ Pratique préclinique II
  • HYD1010 ~ Radiologie bucco-dentaire II
  • HYD1011 ~ Fondements professionnels I
  • HYD1015 ~ Pharmacologie I - HYDG
  • HDE1041 ~ Fondements professionnels et parodontaux

Semester 3

  • HYD1012 ~ Matériaux dentaires
  • HYD1013 ~ Initiation à la clientèle
  • HYD1014 ~ Parodontologie I
  • HYD1015 Pharmacologie I ~ HYDG
  • HYD1016 ~ Fondements professionnels II
  • HYD1017 ~ Santé et nutrition
  • HYD1034 ~ Médecine buccale
  • HYD1035 ~ Physiopathologie

Semester 4

  • HYD1018 ~ Statistiques et recherche
  • HYD1019 ~ Prestation de soins à la clientèle I
  • HYD1020 ~ Parodontologie II
  • HYD1021 ~ Pharmacologie II - HYDG
  • HYD1022 ~ Gestion adaptée à la clientèle
  • HYD1023 ~ Santé communautaire I
  • CHOIX ~ Formation générale au choix

Semester 5

  • ENG1003 ~ English Communications I
  • HYD1024 ~ Prestation de soins à la clientèle II
  • HYD1025 ~ Santé communautaire II
  • HYD1026 ~ Pratique fondée sur les données probantes
  • HYD1027 ~ Entreprenariat
  • HYD1028 ~ Fondements professionnels III

Semester 6

  • HYD1029 ~ Pratique clinique consolidée
  • HYD1030 ~ Consolidation des notions théoriques
  • HYD1031 ~ Politique et défense des droits en santé
  • HYD1032 ~ Orthodontie
  • HYD1033 ~ Gestion d’une pratique en hygiène dentaire
  • CHOIX ~ Formation générale au choix

Cost & Fees

Tuition fees (approx.):

  • $3,621.88 (1st year – 2 semesters)
  • $3,621.88 (2nd year – 2 semesters)
  • $3,621.88 (3rd year – 2 semesters)

Other fees (certificate, field activities, etc.): $3,000 (approximate; includes obligatory purchase of an electronic assistant)

Last updated Oct 2017

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Recognized for the quality, accessibility, and flexibility of its training and services, Collège Boréal is the first choice among French-language colleges. Collège Boréal provides a high calibre perso ... Read More

Recognized for the quality, accessibility, and flexibility of its training and services, Collège Boréal is the first choice among French-language colleges. Collège Boréal provides a high calibre personalised education to a diverse clientele and practices leadership to foster the sustainable development of Ontario’s Francophone community. Read less
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