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Program Description

The student or the student develops skills to assess the client's oral health status and interpret clinical results. In collaboration with the client, he or she develops a care plan that reflects the needs of each individual. Thereafter, the student or the student shall provide educational, preventive and therapeutic interventions as prescribed in his field of practice. The ending or finishing is equipped to provide primary high-quality health care with confidence and professionalism in the health team.

The student or the student involved in internal and external courses in various media such as Dental Hygiene Clinic of Collège Boréal, Francophone community health centers, long term care facilities and public health service. In addition, the student or the student benefits of interdisciplinary activities in collaboration with Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Following graduation, the candidate or the candidate is the national certification examination required for the exercise of the profession. This exam is offered by the National Board Dental Hygiene Certification ( The successful candidate must register with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario in order to get permission to practice in the province (see

Conditions of admission :

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent from another province, or the candidate status or adult candidate
  • 2 French credits (at least 1 mandatory group course):
  • 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 biology credit: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 credit - English: 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 1 credit in chemistry or physics: 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 50% in each prerequisite course

Other requirements:

BEFORE October 15

  • standard first aid certificate issued by a recognized organization *
  • First aid certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Level C *. Must be renewed every year
  • Current immunizations (including a TB test in 2 stages and the vaccine against hepatitis B and influenza)
  • a criminal record including verification of the ability to work with vulnerable people. This document must be presented annually before the clinics.
  • WHMIS certificate update

* Courses in first aid and CPR are offered several times throughout the college by the department of Continuing Education Collège Boréal.


Graduates of this program may, under certain conditions, to continue their studies at university level and receive transfer credits for their college education.


  • It is essential to be able to communicate in French and English, both oral and written, in clinical placements. Some of the major textbooks in health sciences are only available in English. Wherever possible, the College promotes the use of French textbooks appropriate in the area of ​​scholarship.
  • The student or the student is actively collaborating with Collège Boréal in recruiting customers and clients for the clinical component of the program.
  • Graduates of the Pre-Health Science program have obtained a weighted average of 3.3 or more will have a privileged status at admission to the program.
  • Note specialization courses passing is 70%.

This program is a program supported by the National Consortium project health education at Collège Boréal; a project made possible by a grant from Health Canada.

work environment (type of employer):

  • general or specialist dental practices (ie d. orthodontics, periodontics, etc.)
  • personal businesses of dental hygiene services
  • public health services
  • distributors of dental supplies
  • education

Step 1

  • French FRA1005 ~ I
  • BIO1016 ~ Anatomy and Physiology I
  • ~ Pre ENG1010 English - Professional Communication
  • HYD1000 ~ Dental Anatomy and orofacial
  • ~ I HYD1001 preclinical Practice
  • HYD1003 ~ Radiology Oral I
  • HYD1004 ~ Microbiology
  • Histology and Embryology HYD1005 ~

2nd step

  • BIO1013 ~ Anatomy and Physiology II
  • HYD1006 ~ Dental Materials I
  • HYD1007 ~ Promotion of Oral Health
  • HYD1008 ~ preclinical Practice II
  • HYD1010 ~ Oral Radiology II
  • HYD1011 ~ Professional Foundations I
  • HYD1015 ~ Pharmacology I - HydG

step 3

  • HYD1012 ~ Dental Materials
  • HYD1013 ~ Introduction to Customer
  • ~ I HYD1014 Periodontology
  • HYD1015 ~ Pharmacology I - HydG
  • HYD1016 ~ Professional Foundations II
  • HYD1017 ~ Health and Nutrition
  • HYD1034 ~ Oral Medicine
  • HYD1035 ~ Pathophysiology

step 4

  • HYD1018 ~ Statistics and research
  • HYD1019 ~ Caregiving customer I
  • HYD1020 ~ Periodontology II
  • HYD1021 ~ Pharmacology II - HydG
  • HYD1022 ~ management adapted to customer
  • HYD1023 ~ Community Health I
  • CHOICE ~ General education choice

step 5

  • ~ I ENG1003 English Communications
  • HYD1024 ~ Caregiving Customer II
  • HYD1025 ~ Community Health II
  • HYD1026 ~ Based Practice Evidence
  • HYD1027 ~ Entrepreneurship
  • HYD1028 ~ Professional Foundations III

step 6

  • HYD1029 ~ consolidated Clinical Practice
  • HYD1030 ~ Consolidation of theoretical concepts
  • HYD1031 ~ policy and defense of health rights
  • HYD1032 ~ Orthodontics
  • HYD1033 ~ Managing a dental hygiene practice
  • CHOICE ~ General education choice
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Recognized for the quality, accessibility, and flexibility of its training and services, Collège Boréal is the first choice among French-language colleges. Collège Boréal provides a high calibre perso ... Read More

Recognized for the quality, accessibility, and flexibility of its training and services, Collège Boréal is the first choice among French-language colleges. Collège Boréal provides a high calibre personalised education to a diverse clientele and practices leadership to foster the sustainable development of Ontario’s Francophone community. Read less
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