Degree in Pharmacy + Expert Course in Community Pharmacy Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing


Program Description

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Learning By Doing based on simulated clinical cases that confront you with real situations, generation of ideas and their transformation into real projects.

  • New program with new subjects such as Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
  • Training with the highest quality that is completed with practices in pharmacies

Characteristics of the Degree in Pharmacy + Pharmaceutical Marketing

Innovative training in line with the needs of the pharmaceutical sector

  • Start Date: 10 September 2020
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Modality: Face-to-face
  • ECTS: 300
  • Language: Spanish
  • Campus: Madrid Villaviciosa de Odón
  • University: Universidad Europea of Madrid
  • Knowledge Area: Medicine and health
  • Study Type: Degree

Differential Values of the Degree in Pharmacy + Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • 1 Expert Course . Included in the Degree. Expert in Community Pharmacy Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing.
  • 1 in just one more year . Get a double by also obtaining the Degree in Biotechnology or in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • 745 square meters . Simulated Hospital, specialized laboratories and the most modern facilities in the main research centers.

Why study the Degree in Pharmacy + Marketing and Pharmaceutical Management at the Universidad Europea of Madrid?

  • Complementary training: an Expert Course in Pharmacy Office Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing that complements your training.
  • Professional facilities: you receive clinical focus in our facilities and work in research laboratories in your own groups.
  • Internships in a professional environment: pharmacies, hospitals of the Quirónsalud Group or, pharmaceutical companies.
  • Course abroad: live an international experience in the UK, USA or Germany, thanks to our agreements.

Study Plan and Subjects

First course

  • 9976002101 Biological Processes I
  • 9976002102 Structure and Function of the Human Body I
  • 9976002103 Biophysics and Physical-Chemistry
  • 9976002104 Mathematics
  • 9976002105 General Chemistry
  • 9976002106 Structure and Function of the Human Body II
  • 9976002107 Initiation to Laboratory Work
  • 9976002108 Instrumental Techniques
  • 9976002109 Biological Processes II
  • 9976002110 Computer Science and Information Technology and Communication Applied to Pharmacy
  • 9976002111 Modern Language I

Second course

  • 9976002201 Pathophysiology
  • 9976002202 Chemical Analysis
  • 9976002203 Organic Chemistry I
  • 9976002204 Parasitology
  • 9976002205 Pharmacognosy
  • 9976002206 Pharmaceutical Botany
  • 9976002207 Organic Chemistry II
  • 9976002208 Biological Processes III
  • 9976002209 Microbiology
  • 9976002210 Statistics and Epidemiology
  • 9976002211 Modern Language II

Third course

  • 9976002301 Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
  • 9976002302 Genetics
  • 9976002303 Bromatology
  • 9976002304 Immunology
  • 9976002305 Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
  • 9976002306 Basic Nutrition
  • 9976002307 Pharmacology I
  • 9976002308 Pharmacology II
  • 9976002309 Molecular Biology
  • 9976002310 Pharmaceutical care I
  • 9976002311 Public Health

Fourth grade

  • 9976002401 Pharmaceutical Technology I
  • 9976002402 Pharmaceutical Technology II
  • 9976002403 Biological Analysis and Laboratory Diagnosis
  • 9976002404 Organization and Management of the Pharmaceutical Company
  • 9976002405 Toxicology
  • 9976002406 Economy
  • 9976002407 Pharmacology III
  • 9976002408 Pharmacokinetics
  • 9976002409 Bioinformatics
  • 9976002410 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • 9976002411 Pharmaceutical Care II

Fifth course

  • 9976002501 Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy
  • 9976002502 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
  • 9976002503 Pharmaceutical Technology III
  • 9976002504 Legislation
  • 9976002505 Ethics
  • 9976002506 Tutored Stays in Community Pharmacy or Hospital Pharmacy
  • 9976002507 Final degree project


Admission process


  • Selectivity card with the qualification of suitable
  • Two photocopies of the DNI
  • File Transfer Fees
  • Payment of the Admission Fee in advance or on the day of the appointment

What is the access test?

  • Skills and skills assessment test
  • General knowledge test
  • Language assessment test
  • Personal interview


So that you can get the most out of our innovative academic model, the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences offers you the most advanced laboratories and simulation rooms, equipped with the most innovative technology:

  • Specialized laboratories equipped with the most advanced computer instruments and equipment in which you will experimentally apply all the knowledge: biomedicine, biology, genetics, microbiology, chemistry, pharmaceutical technology
  • Own laboratory of the degree to be able to develop practices of pharmaceutical technology
  • Facilities of the CSIC and the Carlos III Health Institute for the practices of Virology and Immunology. Collaboration with the research center of the Paraplegics Hospital of Toledo for the development of more complex titling practices that require the use of large equipment
  • Research laboratories, guided by first level researchers and in which scholarship students collaborate.
  • Simulation rooms: Simulated Community Pharmacy and the Simulated Hospital where our Hospital Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care Consultations are located. In this way you will adapt to the treatment of the public, patients and other health professionals, and you will be able to become a professional who can respond to the current healthcare needs of the population.

What will your EU experience be like?

Careers in Pharmacy + Pharmaceutical Marketing

We also train you for the research and placing on the market of medicines and health products

Where I can work?

You will be qualified to work in the main areas of activity related to pharmaceutical products, that is: research and development, production and quality control, marketing, care and pharmaceutical management:

  • Research centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies and other health products
  • Food, chemical and environmental industry
  • Hospital Centers and other Health Services, Health Administration
  • Pharmacy office
  • Consultants and teaching centers

A regulated profession

The fundamental objective of the Pharmaceutical Degree at the Universidad Europea of Madrid, is to train professionals with a profile adapted to the regulated competencies of the profession through Order CIN / 2137/2008, of July 3, which establishes the requirements for the verification of the official university degrees that qualify for the exercise of the profession of Pharmacist.

Last updated Aug 2020

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To provide our students with a comprehensive education, educating leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the needs of a global world, to contribute value in their professions and to social progress through an entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment. Read less
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