To train qualified human resources to transmit, produce and apply with critical capacity their knowledge, skills and abilities for an efficient service to people in the community and the region.


A university oriented to satisfy the needs of high social priority, higher education, with commitment to its community and service to society, in areas of strategic importance for regional and national development, prioritizing high quality professional training.

General objectives

To train dentists capable of solving dental problems with scientific, technological knowledge, with a high ethical sense, with skills and abilities to improve oral health in the region and in our country.

Specific objectives

  • To train efficient and competitive students for the exercise of the Odonto-stomatology profession.
  • Use the scientific method to search for alternatives to change, in front of the health problems of society.
  • Develop practices using updated techniques and procedures required by the specialty, to prevent and control oral diseases.
  • Promote oral and integral health through education at the level of teaching -learning and scientific research in service to society.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary teams of health services in extension programs and university promotion.
  • To train professionals, with high social and ethical sensitivity.

Professional profile

Professional with knowledge, skills and abilities to solve oral health problems; able to analyze and interpret oral health problems. With skills and abilities to perform proper techniques and correct treatments through conventional and alternative techniques of dentistry; with knowledge of investigation, professional with decision making and capable of proposing solutions in oral health in favor of social welfare.

Study Plan Dentistry

First semester

  • Human Anatomy I
  • Histology I
  • Genetics and Embryology
  • Biostatistics
  • Technical English

Second semester

  • Human Anatomy II
  • Histology II
  • Basic Life Support
  • Preventive and Social Odontology I
  • Cientific investigation methodology

Third semester

  • Dental Anatomy I
  • Physiology I
  • Microbiology
  • Preventive and Social Odontology II
  • Dental Materials I

Fourth semester

  • Teeth Anatomy II
  • Physiology II
  • Biochemistry
  • parasitology
  • Dental Materials II

Fifth semester

  • Operative DentalI
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Oral Semiology I
  • Oral Pathology I
  • Medical Psychology

Sixth semester

  • Operative Dental II
  • Oral Semiology II
  • Oral Pathology II
  • Oral Surgery I
  • Oral Radiology

Seventh semester

  • Oral Surgery II
  • Dental Operative III and Endodontics I
  • Periodontics I
  • Clinical Fixed Prosthesis I
  • Pediatric Dentistry I
  • Orthodontics I
  • Clinical Removable Prosthesis I

Eighth semester

  • Oral Surgery III
  • Dental Operative IV and Endodontics II
  • Periodontics II
  • Clinical Fixed Prosthesis II
  • Pediatric Dentistry II
  • Orthodontics II
  • Clinical Removable Prosthesis II

Ninth semester

  • Maxillofacial Oral Surgery IV
  • Periodontics III
  • Clinical Fixed Prosthesis III
  • Pediatric Dentistry III
  • Orthodontics III
  • Clinical Removable Prosthesis III
  • Legal Dentistry and Deontology

Tenth semester

  • Integrated Clinic
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020
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