Curs d'especialització Cures Pal·liatives a la Persona amb Càncer


Program Description

Raons per fer el curs

  • Those special courses are specially designed for professionals who, from the respective areas of health care services in treballen (hospital, primary care, social healthcare, etc.) attend people in malcolmia oncological, palliative and / or end-of-year situations. lifetime.
  • The punts forts and differentiators d'aquest curs són 3: multidisciplinary approach; the formative gaze from a person-centered perspective and from the person with paltal malaltia; docent innovation and blended format.
  • Aquest curs d'especialització is an integrated subject in the Comprehensive Oncology Master's Degree.

To who s'adreça

Professionals from les ciències de la salut i de les ciències socials que des dels respectius àmbits assistencials de la salut on treballen (hospital, primary care, social healthcare ...) attend people with malaltia oncològia pal·liativa i les seves famílies, i , per tant, they will expand the connection and improve the competencies.

  • Infermers / es
  • Metges / ses de primària i de centers socioanitaris
  • Psicòlegs / gues
  • Treballadors / es socials
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Altres disciplines afins

Requisites d'admissió

It is not required a university degree. Tot i això, in order to keep in mind that the level of boarding will, in general, be for diplomats or graduates and it is necessary to have connections provided for in order to be able to follow the course with normality.


The cures pal·liatives promote an attention centered on the person and the environment with the eix of therapy. The main principles of the multidisciplinary intervention in people in a situation of advanced oncological malformation and / or end-of-life situation are treballaran.

Modular structure

Those courses are part of a program that includes the possibility of enrolling independently in the following degrees:

  • Màster-Atenció Oncològica Integral
  • Postgraduate Diploma-Comprehensive Care for People with Cancer
  • Curs d'especialització-Cures Pal·liatives a la Persona amb Càncer

Pla d'estudis

Cures pal·liatives

The cures pal·liatives promote an attention centered on the person and the environment with the eix of therapy. They are treballaran els principis generals of the multidisciplinary intervention in people in situations of chronic malaltia, advanced and at the end of life.131155_photo-1526256262350-7da7584cf5eb.jpg Marcelo Leal / Unsplash


Curs d'Especialització en Cures Pal·liatives a la Person amb Càncer per la Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació.


  • Conèixer les necessitats de les persones i el seu entorn in a situation of advanced malaltia i / o at the end of life.
  • Identify the bases of the approach to symptom control in cures pal·liatives.
  • Differentiate the most useful ones from the information process and communication of news ills.
  • Organizing the family served.
  • Descriure factors d'impacte emotional i de dol.
  • To detect that the organization of resources and the treball in teams of professionals are a way of achieving the objectius of the patients.
  • Conèixer the program and operation of l'atenció to them cures pal·liatives i of the end of the life des de l'àmbit comunitari.


The course format is blended. Hi haurà 2 sessions presencials (de divendres i dissabte) .Three setmanes abans de les sessions presencials, l'studiant treballarà els continguts teòrics autonomously guiats through classes gravades or documents and / or bibliographical references als quals els students can access in línia; It is also a series of tasques that the student lasts for the duration to prove the assurance of the coneixements.

Subsequently, and in person, the face-to-face part lasts on through different methodologies of innovation, teaching with appraisal based on problems, solving practical cases with assessment by competitions, high fidelity simulation through the E-platform. learning, among others, is to consolidate the connections, in favor of the acquisition of competencies. People who have tingut cancer, family members and professionals are also invited to exhibit the most experiential part of the continguts teòrics treballats.

This system aims to enhance the autonomy of students because they manage the seu propi aprenentatge, the information fence, updated and contrasted with the scientific evidence, and the per se critical analysis of being able to apply the connection to the continuous millennium of l'exercici professional.

Appraisal System

For the classes taught in línia s'utilitzarà a system d'avaluació també not face-to-face, through qüescursos, realization of treballs personals, interventions in forums, between d'altres.

For the face-to-face sessions, the professorat farà evaluated it directly through rubrics that evaluated the participation, the resolution of practical cases and the simulation, which accredited the domini i assoliment de les competències.

Sortides professionals

The competency training for the care of the people with malalties oncològiques pal·liatives permetrà augmenting the connection and per tant will contribute to the professional development of the practical training in the different assistance ambits that assists the people with the oncològic pal·liativa malltia.

  • Centers or unitats especialitzades en atenció oncohematològica.
  • Centers d'atenció primària.
  • Unitats d'hospitalització attended by people with malaltia oncològia pal·liativa.
  • Socio-sanitary centers that serve people with malaltia oncològia pal·liativa.
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