Best Courses in Neuroscience 2019/2020

An academic course can provide students with many things: in-depth knowledge of a certain subject or topic, qualifications, specialized training or a way to fill the gap between different stages of one’s academic career. Courses come in different types, from basic to intensive and online courses.

What is a course in neuroscience? During a neuroscience course, students get an overview of the various topics that fall under the subject. Such topics could include the brain’s function, how the subsystems work, ion channel functions and individual neuron activity. Exactly what is covered in the course can vary from place to place. Students may have the opportunity to do experiments to help them gain further knowledge of neuroscience and engage in interactive experiences as well.

Taking a neuroscience course can come with many benefits. Upon completion of the course, students will have gained valuable knowledge they can use for furthering their education, doing research and helping with their careers.

Neuroscience is a popular course offered by many academic institutions. Students often have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to schools, and their costs will likely be different. Conduct some research on the school you want to attend to get more information.

Getting an education in neuroscience can lead to many career choices, and taking neuroscience courses can help you along your journey. Some jobs for individuals in the field can be found in pharmaceutical sales, health education, clinical research, medical technology, neural engineering, public health, occupational therapy, dentistry, optometry, research and medicine. Some of these positions require advanced degrees.

Neuroscience courses are highly sought after by students all over the world. Education can be made accessible for all through distance learning courses. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.






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Umeå University - Faculty of Science and Technology

The separate courses includes lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory work. Immunology covers the organization and development of the immune system, its activation u ... [+]

Infection, Neurobiology, and Genetics

The separate courses include lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory work.

Immunology covers the organization and development of the immune system, its activation upon stimulation, the various effector mechanisms involved in the innate and adaptive immune responses (cellular and humoral immunity), immunological memory, tolerance mechanisms, transplantation immunology, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, immune deficiencies, and the defense mechanisms against different pathogens.

The Bacterial Physiology and Pathogenesis course will highlight the intriguing world of bacteria. It will give insight into the bacterial diversity and some of their distinctive habitats. It will illustrate in molecular detail the regulatory mechanisms of microbial adaptation to these varied environments. It will discuss the role of horizontal gene transfer in bacterial evolution and the acquisition of new coding potential, such as antibiotic resistance. The course will present the current state of knowledge regarding pathogenic mechanisms and the major disease-causing bacteria that use them. This will include an explanation at the molecular level of various pathogenic strategies such as motility, biofilms, quorum sensing, secretion systems, toxins, adhesion factors and immune evasion mechanisms. In the face of widespread antibiotic resistance among leading bacterial pathogens, new anti-bacterial treatment and prevention options will also be addressed. The Neurobiology course gives the student extended knowledge about how the nervous system is organized, and how it functions in order to change physiological state of neuronal circuits which underlies the generation of behavior. Thus, the nervous system is explored at molecular, cellular, systems and behavioral levels. The Genetics course aims to provide knowledge... [-]

Sweden Umeå Skellefteå
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