Top Courses in Mortuary Sciences 2019/2020

A course is a path of study that provides students with in-depth knowledge of a given subject. Courses may last several months or a few years and are designed to offer an accelerated educational experience.

You may wonder, what is a course in mortuary science? A mortuary science course furthers the education that will equip students with skills, knowledge and expertise such as psychology, chemistry, accounting and business principles. Program participants will also learn the basic building blocks of running a business, including universal themes such as management and communication. Students may be able to take classes in funeral service law, management internship, forensic pathology, marketing and merchandising, grief counseling, anatomy, restorative art and embalming.

Students may choose to take a mortuary science course for several reasons. For instance, the program teaches a number of skills such as compassion, sensitivity and attention to detail. Additionally, a course in this area may lead to an advanced degree.

There are a variety of international opportunities for an education. Because of that, costs vary substantially between universities. It is best to contact particular institutions that interest you directly to request information about costs and fees for specific courses.

Individuals completing a mortuary science course can find career opportunities in the funeral service industry and various other fields, such as the human services profession as grief counselors, or public health, safety and welfare caring for human remains. These positions are becoming increasingly competitive, and students will develop strong business foundations by learning how to run a business efficiently while being able to console and counsel people during the grieving process.

Students can take full- or part-time classes online from a variety of international universities. To find the right school for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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IEEF Instituto Español para la Educación y la Formación

Become a certified specialist, practice in the best companies, and work on what you like ... [+]

Description of the Tanatoestética and Tanatopraxia course in Madrid

This Tanatoestética and Tanatopraxia classroom course in Madrid follows the specifications of the BOE for this training. Our students are known by the main companies in the sector, who request them for internships (and in many cases, for hiring). The training modules and the number of practice hours are adapted to the training structure of the professional certification.

At the end you will have the title of Technician in Tanatoestética and introduction to the Tanatopraxia, and the corresponding certificates. You will have the right to 160 hours of internships in leading companies in the sector, with real chances of getting a job. It is a field with high demand for professionals and good salaries.... [-]

Spain Madrid
September 2019