Top 2 Courses in Health Administration 2019

A course is a flexible unit of education that is generally intended for students that range from high school to college. Through your work on one subject, you will be introduced to the basics of a topic and then immersed in it. A course is a great option if your interest in a particular subject is piqued.

What is a course in health administration? Courses in health administration generally cover the broad art and science of healthcare, health systems, health distribution and technology, and the administration of these facets of the medical system. During your study in the topic of health administration, you will be engaged with all aspects of the practical business of healthcare.

Those who are students in a course like health administration generally find that their skills in critical thinking as well as problem solving become sharper. Not only will their core knowledge in the subject matter be vastly increased, but their self confidence, developing interests, and academic potential may also improve. 

Because of the universal appeal of the subject, health administration courses are available all over the world. Depending on where you are, what your financial standing is, and where you choose to enroll, your course costs will vary.

Through your work in the topic of health administration, you may find yourself eligible for a career in the healthcare field. Whether you are seeking employment in the administrative department of a medical office, a position in billing, or a job in a pharmacy or hospice, you will have many options. You may also choose to continue your education, enrolling in more courses or an advanced degree in health administration.

Thanks to new technologies, there are now more ways than ever to enroll in a course. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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2 Results in Health Administration

Fleming College

The Fleming College Health Information Management (HIM) program is one of only three Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) recognized college program ... [+]

The Fleming College Health Information Management (HIM) program is one of only three Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) recognized college programs available in Ontario.

Program Highlights

In this challenging two-year diploma program, students will learn to use computer technologies to capture and analyze data and to create health information for healthcare delivery use, financial and management planning. Health records are the primary source of information used by hospitals and healthcare facilities to code services for reimbursement purposes. This information is also needed by public health officials to indicate disease patterns and trends, and by medical researchers for analysis, comparison, and decision support.... [-]

Canada Peterborough Lindsay Minden Cobourg  + 1 More
September 2019
2 years
IEEF Instituto Español para la Educación y la Formación

Become a certified specialist, practice in the best companies, and work on what you like ... [+]

Guardian of Health Institutions

Face-to-face course of the Health Institution Leader in Madrid with IEEF. With internships in hospitals and health centers, and real possibilities of getting a job after the internship.

If you prefer, this course is also taught online.

FunctionsThey will process or conduct without delay the verbal communications, documents or objects entrusted to them by their superiors.They will transfer from one service to another the equipment or furniture that is indicated to them.They will perform the corresponding guard services within the shifts that are established.They will perform exceptionally those cleaning tasks that are entrusted to them when their performance by female personnel is not suitable or decorous in order to the situation, location, difficulty of handling, weight of objects or premises to be cleaned.They will take care, as well as the rest of the staff, that the patients do not abuse the belongings and clothes of the Institution, avoiding their deterioration or instructing them in the use and handling of the blinds, curtains and service tools in general.They will serve as lift operators when they are specially assigned that task or the needs of the service require it.They will monitor the entries of the Institution, not allowing access to their facilities more than the authorized persons.They will be in charge of the nocturnal surveillance, both inside and outside the building, from which the doors of complementary services will be closed.They will continually watch for the greatest possible order and silence in all the dependencies of the Institution.They will inform their... [-]
Spain Madrid
September 2019