Why join the course?

Good internship programs are vital for training healthcare providers well - that’s why effective pharmacy preceptors, the teachers who guide students through their pharmacy training, are so important. This course will provide those looking to be internship preceptors, in the context of pharmacy education, with basic knowledge about pharmacy precepting.

Understand the basic principle of precepting

On this course you’ll get an introduction to pharmacy precepting, noting the typical responsibilities and duties a preceptor must take on.

Learn how to create a well-organized learning experience

Along with clinical skill, a good preceptor should know how to design well-structured learning experiences and how to assess trainees. You’ll look at both of these areas and develop your skill in each.

Discover the qualities of an effective pharmacy preceptor

There are many qualities an effective pharmacy preceptor should have. From interpersonal skills to integrity, honesty and being responsible - a preceptor must act as a role model for students. They should be able to build proper relationships with their students. On this course, we’ll look at how you can develop these qualities so you can become a great preceptor.

What topics will you cover?

  • How to be a super preceptor
  • Principles of experiential learning in pharmacy and basketball
  • GPS precepting: assessment, feedback, and grading
  • Designing a structured, well-organized learning experience
  • Strategies for bringing out the best in every student
  • Traits of great preceptors and characteristics of great rotations
  • Optimal outcome precepting: putting everything together

What will you achieve?

  • Compare the differences between knowledge learning and experiential learning
  • Develop the skills for best practice
  • Describe the abilities a good pharmacy preceptor should have
  • Improve the design of professional training

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for those working in healthcare looking to become pharmacy preceptors.

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Nov. 2019
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Nov. 2019
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