Best Certificates in Traditional Medicine 2019

An academic certificate can be the golden ticket to getting you where you want to go professionally. It shows potential employers that you have a very definite specific field of interest in which you are trained and skilled.

What is a Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine? Within the field of oriental medicine, you will be versed in courses like acupuncture, five element theory, body work, diet and nutrition, eastern herbal medicine, physiology and anatomy, kinesiology, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and many more subjects. By being introduced to a broad understanding of Chinese medicine, you will gain a deep knowledge of the study as a whole.

The skills that you will encounter in your certification in traditional Chinese medicine will serve you throughout your career. Students typically emerge from a certification program like this with marketable capabilities in research, diagnosis, education, and clinical work.

How much it costs you to complete a certificate in Chinese medicine depends on where you choose to seek out your education. Have a firm grasp on the cost of the certification and how long it will take you to complete before you enroll.

Those who have completed a Chinese medicine certificate will find themselves in the market for employment in eastern medical clinics, alternative healing modality clinics, acupuncture facilities, oriental food and medicine shops, and more. With your skills as a graduate, you will also be able to take your education to the next level if you choose to become a practitioner of Chinese medicine or an acupuncturist. The certificate provides an ideal foundation for working in both the eastern and the western medical world and bridging the gap between the two.

Obtaining your certification in traditional Chinese medicine is just the first step in fulfilling your passion for this alternative healing modality. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form





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American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

The goal of the Chinese Medicine Philosophy is to introduce the concepts and philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine. This online self-improvement course is free. ... [+]


The goal of the Chinese Medicine Philosophy is to introduce the concepts and philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine.

Overview of the Course

This Self-Improvement Course is one of the most popular short courses of the institution. It is comprised of courses in acupuncture theory and philosophy. The program is fully online and at your own pace, and the courses are personalized to maximize your learning ability.

USA Houston
September 2019
1 - 4 months