Top Certificates in Nursing Assisting 2019

A certificate program typically takes several weeks to one year to complete. Students focus on learning basic skills that can be applied quickly in their chosen field of study. A certificate is also an excellent way for individuals to gain on-the-job training.

What is a certificate in nursing assisting? Programs focus on teaching students the basic values of nursing. During the program, students learn procedural skills such as checking vital signs, dressing, and positioning. A major emphasis of most certificate programs is compassionate care. Nursing assistants need to have patience and an empathetic attitude while caring for individuals who are sick, injured, or elderly. Students will also learn how to operate hospital beds and other basic medical equipment. With hands-on training, a certificate program prepares students to apply their skills immediately. In addition to learning basic nursing skills, students may choose to focus on a particular area, such as geriatrics or medication assisting.

A key benefit of earning a certificate in nursing assisting is fast completion. Many programs can be finished in a matter of weeks. This means graduates are able to apply for a job faster than those graduating from many other programs.

Depending on what school you select, the cost of a certificate in nursing assisting varies extensively. Find out more information by contacting the admissions office of each school.

The healthcare industry offers a wide variety of careers for individuals. Upon completing a certificate in nursing, graduates typically take a competency exam. Passing this exam allows individuals to have state-specific titles, such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Nursing assistants are able to find jobs in healthcare settings including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, etc. Additionally, individuals may choose to work as home health nurses or in residential care facilities.

To determine the right school for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Windward Community College

This State of Hawai’i approved Nurse Assistant program provides classroom and supervised clinical training in the basic fundamentals of safe and knowledgeable caregiving. ... [+]

This State of Hawai’i approved Nurse Assistant program provides classroom and supervised clinical training in the basic fundamentals of safe and knowledgeable caregiving. Nursing procedures such as taking vital signs; positioning; bathing; dressing and other personal care; and when/what to report to the nurse will be covered in the classroom. Application of these procedures and skills will be practiced in the clinical setting. Adult CPR training and job assistance services are included in the course.Integrated Academic sessions are an integral part of the training, incorporating basic skills in medical vocabulary and math relevant to the nurse field.

This program is focused on preparing students for the Hawai’i State Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation Testing Program as well as providing job skills and developing attitudes and behaviors necessary for competent caregivers. After successful completion of the state examination, the graduate is a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) as defined by state and federal laws under OBRA 1987. Certified Nurse Assistant may obtain employment in hospitals, long-term care facilities (nursing homes), care homes, private homes, adult day care, and clinics.... [-]

USA Honolulu
August 2019
7 weeks