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Program Description

Biomedical engineering (BME) is a revolutionary and rewarding field: Biomedical engineers are on the forefront of medical breakthroughs that improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. Some of the innovations they've created include artificial organs, medical imaging systems, laser surgery, blood analyzers, automatic patient monitoring, and rehabilitation devices and procedures. Specialty areas include cell and tissue engineering, biomechanics, bio-instrumentation, orthopedic engineering, clinical engineering, biomaterials, rehabilitation engineering, medical imaging, and systems physiology. The program is centered on student success and our educational objectives describe what graduates of the major do after graduation.

Biomedical Engineering Quick Facts

  • Western New England University students produce award-winning research and design projects. All of our Senior Design Projects over the past nine years have been published and presented at regional or national technical conferences.
  • Nationally, 20 percent of biomedical engineering graduates go to medical school. At Western New England University, required pre-med courses fit directly into the BME curriculum.
  • Thirty-eight percent of students studying biomedical engineering at Western New England University are women.
  • Many of our students compete for and are awarded prestigious summer internships across the country.

ABET Accreditation: A Benchmark of Quality

The Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program is accredited by the EAC Commission of ABET,

Flexibility Within the Curriculum

Biomedical Engineering offers a broad range of areas of specialization, including tracks in medicine and manufacturing. Recognizing this, we offer flexibility in our curriculum that lets you choose electives that interest you most.

An Ideal Pre-medical Degree

If your career plans include medical school, Biomedical Engineering is the major for you. We offer excellent pre-medical advising and opportunities to gain clinical exposure at local hospitals. Premedical courses fit directly into the Biomedical Engineering curriculum.

Senior Design Projects

All students must complete a Senior Design Project in order to graduate. The range of topics is incredibly wide. Some projects are sponsored by industry and some are initiated by faculty members. Perhaps the best senior projects are those initiated by the students themselves! Aside from being excellent networking opportunities with future employers, the Senior Design Projects involve proposals, review, formal presentations, and ordering necessary parts (not to mention having to plan for contingencies if parts do not arrive). View some examples of the quality Senior Design Projects that our students take on.

Six-year Engineering/Law program

New and complex medical technologies are being invented all the time. There is an increasing demand for people educated in both engineering and law to handle intellectual property issues that surround these new inventions. At Western New England University, we give qualified students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree and a Juris Doctorate in just six years, saving both time and money.

Last updated Mar 2018

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