Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine in Tbilisi in Georgia

Top Bachelor Degrees in Pharmaceutical Medicine in Tbilisi in Georgia

Pharmaceutical Medicine

A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

Pharmacy is an academic field focusing on human biology, anatomy, chemistry, pharmaceutics, and pharmacology. Pharmacists ensure the quality, supply, and type of medicines prescribed to patients are in order. They also advise patients about medicines. 

Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is bounded to the north and northeast by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.

As the largest city with over 1 million inhabitants, Tbilisi is also the capital Georgia. It is located along the banks of Kura River. The city has several major establishments of higher education and among them is the largest and main University in Georgia – the Tbilisi State University.

Top Bachelor Degrees in Pharmaceutical Medicine in Tbilisi in Georgia 2018/2019

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Bachelor in Pharmacy

The University Of Georgia
Campus Full time January 2019 Georgia Tbilisi

The aim of this program is to prepare a qualified bachelor pharmacist who will be able to develop professionally and continue to the next stage of education, who will have the basic knowledge in: pharmaceutical care, patient-centered pharmacotherapy, use of the results of clinical trials in pharmacy, production and manufacturing of medical products, and pharmaceutical analysis; Management skills necessary for: promoting pharmaceutical research based on ethical values, processing and delivering of pharmaceutical information, implementation of physician-pharmacist-patient model, communication with professional societies and general community, also skills for management of the structural units at appropriate (intermediate) level in the pharmaceutical organizations. The graduates of this program may be employed in pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, and healthcare facilities, public health organizations, drug quality control, and toxicological laboratories, also in insurance companies who carry out health insurance, on the positions of a pharmacist and/or a manager in pharmacy issues.


English language requirement ( B2 Level ) and other legal requirements. In particular, Georgian citizens must successfully pass Unified National Exams and A)For Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received general education or equivalent education in a foreign country, B) For the citizens of Georgia who have received general education or equivalent education and Studied abroad in the last 2 years of general education, C) persons who are studying / have studied and earned credits in a foreign country recognized by the laws of this country's higher education institutions will be able to transfer to this program without passing Unified National Exams according to the order (№ 224 / N Ministry of Education and Science, December 29, 2011).... [-]